Dell Inspiron 5100 Touchpad in FreeBSD 5.2.1

I stumbled accross this link for getting the touch pad of a Dell Inspiron 5150 to workin FreeBSD.  It is:

Works perfectly. In order to make the touchpad work, you’ve got to set:


In your /boot/device.hints file.

I’m using nvidia commercial drivers

Tuition Reimbursment Form for Summer, 2004

Well, I was sitting at work, thinking about my new semester at school, when WHAM! – I realized that I hadn’t submitted my tuition reimbursement form here at work.  For those of you who are aquainted with Convergys and its no-nonsense, no-mercy tuition plan, you know that this is a problem.  A couple of semesters ago, I submitted a request at the end of the semester to HR, only to find out that they wanted it submitted at the beginning of the semester.  So I lost a good 1500 bucks or so off of that mistake.

I got it right this time.  No one is going to mess me over.  I am now just waiting on HR to approve my tuition submission.  Wish me luck- I’ll need it.

Still Rocking

Well, I’m still running.  I haven’t stopped yet.  So proud.  Looks like I’m back into the swing of things again.  It’s a good thing- Dad signed me up for the Saint George Marathon.

On Monday and Tuesday, I went hiking with the father and brother-in-laws.  We hiked Angel’s Landing and Observation point.  I’m sure that I’ll write about that experience soon, but the point is this:  I didn’t run those two days because they were a workout like unto themselves.

I’m not sure if I’ll run this afternoon, mainly for two reasons:  1)  I have a lot of homework.  2)  I’m a little sore from hiking.

So there you are- an update.

End of Spring Semester; Beginning of Summer…school

So the good news is that I survived last semester.  I received two B minuses.  One in Astronomy and one in Meterology.  From what I understand, those should be the last of my science classes.  Good.  Great.  Only one more dreaded subject to knock out of the way:  Math.  After that, things should get a little more interesting.

So I just need to figure out what exactly I’m trying to pull off, degree-wise:  English?  Journalism?  Public Relations?  Anything?

So I now have a 2.5 cummulative and a 2.7 for the last semester.

This morning, I attended the first of my two summer school classes.  I went to my Intermediate Algebra classes, where I learned once again:  Math is not my strong suit.  This Saturday (and every Saturday until summer school’s out), I have a Philosophy class.  I hope that it’s fun.  It should be.  Philosophy is interesting.  Very stimulating, mind-wise.  OK, time to go back to work.