How to Search for a File in FreeBSD:

OK, so years later, I finally forced myself to look it up. Thanks to How-to-Find-Files-and-Directories-on-FreeBSD, I learned that there are three ways (so far that they and I know of) to search for a file or directory in BSD. Here are the three ways:

  1. The locate command is good for finding files and directories. Enter something similar to:

    locate someprogram | more

  2. If that doesn’t work, perhaps try the whereis or find commands:

    whereis someprogram | more

    find / -name "someprogram*"


Torrentflux is an amazingly easy program to install. I cd’d over to /usr/ports/net-p2p/torrenflux and did “make install clean”. I’m pretty sure I did the defaults, along the way. Then go to your /usr/local/www/data (or similar directory) and you should have a “tf” directory in there. Everything works pretty intuitively. I’ve used ctorrent for a couple of years, and I love it, especially when combined with “screen”. But I wanted something that would show all of my torrents upload/dl at a glance.

Found out where Torrentflux is keeping my downloaded files: /usr/local/share/torrentflux/data/username/*. That’s it. I’m running FreeBSD 6.1 stable and that’s it. Mystery solved.