Starting Off…

To change the sudoers file (and set yourself up as a priviledged user), su to root (su -) will work and edit /etc/sudoers by typing visudo. Hit Shift-G to get to the bottom of the file and go up a few lines to where it says # %wheel all=(all) NOPASSWD: ALL and copy the line (yy in vi) and paste it (p)

To rpm -ivh to install a package
To upgrade a package rpm -Uvh

To remove a package, rpm -e
To query if a pckage is installed, rpm -q

To query all packages, rpm -qa

YUM for updates (or package management)
Yum is safer to use, rather than rpm

You need to know both.
Yum takes care of dependencies.

Yum search
yum list
yum check-update (to see what needs to be updated)
yum update (to update those packages)
yum update
to update an individual app.

There is a great website for YUM at

According to, you NEVER NEVER install core package from source on any RPM based distribution. If you do, you could end up with major upgrading problems. You might end of up overwriting directories that Yum or RPM didn’t expect to be in their paths, etc.

Conv with Av for Bash Scripting

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<hypernayt> I have a file on my server that has a list of files on it. Each line has a new filename. What technique can I use to move those filenames in such a way that they are one file after another, rather than in a column?

<hypernayt> Like this: file1 file2 file3

<Av> cat file | xargs echo

<Av> or, for i in `cat file`; do $str = “$str $i”; done; echo $str

<hypernayt> Thanks a ton. I’ll try it out.

<hypernayt> OK, that worked great. What if, after I’ve done that, I want to place a character in front of each of those files, like: *file1 *file2 *file3?

<Av> or, for i in `cat file`; do $str = “$str *$i”; done; echo $str

<Av> that

<hypernayt> Thanks. If I want to learn more about this kind of stuff, where is a good place to start? Is this something that I’d find in a manual on VI, or something?

<Av> ummm probably find yourself a BASH tutorial or some other shell scripting tutorial

<Av> this is shell scripting, not file editing πŸ™‚

<Av> brb

<hypernayt> Huge help. I just got a job where I’ll be working on some *nix servers, so you’ve been a lifesaver. πŸ™‚

<Av> np πŸ™‚

<Av> i take cash, checks and most major credit cards!

<hypernayt> Ha ha. I’ll put it on the Karma Credit Card. You’re awesome.

<zi> i hear all the kids are carding the karmas these days

<hypernayt> Absolutely. It’s the new thing. It’s the new “cheap”. πŸ™‚