Seven years of marriage, or, "Will you snowboard with me?"

Wendy and I are different creatures.  We laugh at different jokes, games, foods, etc.  I’m sure that this is all quite normal.  But for a couple of years, we had some interesting discussions about what we had in common.  If someone were to ask me, “So what do you two have in common, that you love to do?”, I’d have paused, before giving the answer.  Wendy and I have such different talents and interests, that finding that thing was sometimes a little difficult.  We loved each other.  We had that in common.

When Roxie and Reagan were born, we, all of a sudden, had some intense moments in common.  Roxie and Reagan were born with TTTS (most of you can recite this story by heart), which is a deadly and dangerous disease for newborn twins.  When your children suffer, sometimes it can really bring you together as a couple.  Wendy and I supported each other and really became quite fond of those light-as-a-8-sticks-of-butter children.

I dragged Wendy out of the house, kicking and screaming, one day.  She was going snowboarding for her first time.  I think we made it down a slope, maybe twice…for the whole day.  There was stress.  She was frustrated, because the board kept slipping from underneath her.  I was frustrated, because I had imagined myself teaching Wendy in such a way that she would just get it and she’d love it.  It worked out much better on paper than in real life, because it turned out that she got a little beat up on the hill.

I got her out a second time and a third.  It seems that by her 4th time of snowboarding, it was Wendy that was orginizing our trips.  She was really taking to it.  Soon, she was scouring eBay for discounted passes, so that we could go for another Saturday, while Kristi, her sister, watched the kids.  This was a husband’s dream come true.  Co-workers would ask how I got my wife to get into snowboarding.  I couldn’t say, because I didn’t know what it was that really got her into it.  Patience, I guess.

But the point to all of this, is that now Wendy and I had a past-time in common.  She started buying up gear, buying passes, and demanding that we go boarding.  We love snowboarding.  We look forward to snowboarding.  We even watch snowboarding on TV.

So as the years go on, we have found more and more things in common (not only snowboarding) and enjoy doing things together.  I couldn’t ask for more in a marriage.

Today, Wendy and I have been married for 7 years.  It’s sort of a magical number.  It’s a good, healthy indication of a good and healthy marriage (or intense stubbornness, which isn’t a bad thing, either).  I’m happy that my wife snowboards, but even more so, that she loves me.  I look forward to many years of going to the local ski resort with her.  And when we get old and decrepid and our snowboards are more of a liability than anything, we’ll always have our snowboarding videos.

Oh, and our children.  We’ll always have our children.

Happy anniversary, Wendy.  I can’t wait for the snow to fall.

AT&T's unhelpful help

So, today, I called and worked with my mom on getting her new ATT account set up on her old Stormnet modem.  It involved helping her to set it to defaults, get into the management mode on it (via http), then changing the settings to reflect the new ATT PPPoE changes.

I, once, called ATT to ask about the modem (a link on the internet sent me to ATT, unbelievably, for support).  The number I reached was as unhelpful or more as yesterday’s ATT help.

So, I figured most of it out on my own.  But now, when we try to create a new account, we are getting We’re sorry. We are unable to update your software components at this time. Please click the ‘Next’ button below to continue with registration”, as mentioned in this article.

So now I’m on hold with ATT, again.  Thank you for continuing to hold.  “Your call is very important to us.  A representative will be with you, shortly.”  After about 15 minutes of sitting on hold, someone finally picked up to talk to me.  She promptly told me that she could give me the number to the DSL department (which, she mentioned was probably closed).

She so transferred me, and now I wait…again.

Wendy starts her blog…

Wendy, my wife, just started her own blog. I’m trying to find a fun theme that she can use.  She likes a lot of the themes that you can find on Blogger, MySpace, etc.  But, as you know, I’m sort of a fan of the open source options.  WordPress is a great product.  I just need to find something that will feel like blogger, but be as good as WP.  Your advice is welcome (Not you spammers, who keep trying to get my to accept your lame comments)

Wendy's Blog (screenshot)

Homeopathic Voodoo Pills

Haven’t been doing so well in the alergy department.  This morning, I went though a quarter of a roll of toilet paper on the way to work, just sneezing and draining, etc.  It’s not good.

At 9:15, this morning, I was given a homeopathic by a co-worker.  Another co-worker chimed in that this stuff works and to wait 20 minutes after the 4 or 5, little white spheres had dissolved under my toungue.  It’s 9:41, now, and amazingly, I really am clearing up.  Sort of weird.

UPDATE 10:05 AM:  OK, maybe they’re not working, after all.  I just picked up two more boxes of Kleenex from the IS department secretary.

Pimp my blog!

So, tonight, I was thinking about my blog and where I’m going with it.  I decided that it was time to break out of the WordPress Default theme.  I found a theme called Journalist, by Lucian E. Marin.  So I loaded it and I think it looks good.  Also, I’ve decided to rename the blog, since it’s not really a Nelsonshack blog, as it is a Nathan blog.  So I’m correcting that.

I found my first post, from back in 2001.  So I’ve been keeping this up for about 7 years.  I started on a few different hosted solutions for this blog (Used Blogger, Livejournal, and a few others) and ended up on WordPress, once I got into hosting my own website.  I’m happy with how it’s developed and think that it’s a far superior way to keep a journal.  I’ve been tempted, more than once, to actually transscribe my old journals (written) into this blog, so that everything is centralized and searchable.  That way, my kids have an easy way to search through my journals (if they can stay awake through them).