Last long run before St George…

So today (which was, technically, yesterday), I ran 10 miles.  I did it in 1:31:something.  So an hour and a half.  I’m happy to report that I did so with no pain, really.  So that is a big success.  One week from now, the marathon will be over.  Yay.  Patrick is going to kick all of our collective butts.

Dad mentioned something about running Nashville in April.  That would be great, if I can just get through SGM.

Wendy has been busy, here at home.  She painted the master bathroom (it has it’s way with the other bathrooms) and touched up some of the walls in our home.  It looks very nice.

Roxie and Raegan started saying prayers, this week.  Pretty simple, really, but I don’t think that matters, when it comes down to the things of Heaven.

Tonight, I scoured Facebook, looking for old friends.  Wow.  For a geek, I really have neglected one of the most popular websites.  We’ll see if I stay interested.  These social networking sites lose their luster for me, quickly.

Living dangerously: How I cheated the marathon training system

Actually, you can’t cheat the Marathon Training System.  In my last post, I mentioned that I jumped nearly 5 miles in my long run, last week.  This week, I applied the same strategy of stupidity and risk and added another 3 miles to my long run.  So I am now up to 20 miles for a long run.  Now it’s time to taper (back to what, I don’t know) and prepare to jump that mileage by another 6 miles.  So for those of you keeping score at home, I will have jumped my mileage by 14 miles in less than a month.  I don’t claim to be a genius.

Me, at 19.3 miles
Me, at 19.3 miles

I atttribute my non-injury (so far) and non-pain (so far) to prayer, luck, ibuprofin, my new stride.  I don’t intend to train like this, again.  It’s not good for you and really doesn’t increase your physical strength (I don’t think).

Last night, dad mentioned running the Country Music Marathon.  If things go well during St. George (like I can get up to 20 miles with no injury, or even finish, then I might do it.  But if I’m injured at 13 or earlier, then I probably need to take another look at my running (or maybe even just do the Country Music Marathon 1/2.

The halfway point of a very long run

I picked up a sausage McGriddles, because I'm a sucker for punishment
I picked up a sausage McGriddles, because I was starving
This blister comes back, year after year
After my run, my old standby blister was back.

It’s strange that I’ve had knee pain for almost every single long run, but that, on this run, I add almost 5 miles and pulled it off.  Now, you’ve got to consider how slowly I ran these miles.  I drove it out (my Garmin watch was dead, because the battery wasn’t charged) and found that I ran/walked about 16.8 miles.  So I added almost 5 miles to my longest run, which is crazy, considering that ITBS is nothing to mess with.  The last thing you’re supposed to do is add miles, when you’ve been dealing with it.  So, to say the least, today was a miracle.

I did try something a little different.  ITBS is cause the by flexing and unflexing of your knee.  A band that slips over your knee, whenever it flexes becomes inflamed and creates an incredible pain that can, for the most part, completely halt a runner/walker.  It’s incredibly painful.  I know.  I gutted out the last 13 miles of Saint George a couple of years ago, grimacing the whole way.  It is no way to run a marathon.

Regardless, today I tried swiveling my hips (can’t think of any other way to describe it) to alleviate the need to bend my knees so much.  Now, this is not necessarily advantageous, because it caused me to really use my calves in a rough way.  They still hurt.  But, at least I made the mileage.

So what does this mean for the marathon?  Possibly nothing.  St. George is all downhill (almost) and today, I was running on almost flat ground.  It’s a big difference once you start pounding on your quads and knees.  So we’ll see.

The other thing that surprised me was how tired my legs were.  I have a short memory when it comes to running.  I think it’s God’s way of keeping me running.  I forget how horribly hard marathons are, every single year.

Broadweave Problems: Update #16

I’ve been negligent in my updates on Broadweave, but here’s a positive one.  We have one television that can now pause, record, etc.  So we’re looking pretty good.  There is one box left that isn’t working, but Luke has pretty much got that one handled, so we’ll be up and running, in no time, I think.  I just have to pick up another STB to fix that one.  Thanks for continuing to read these Broadweave updates, especially those of you with guns to your head, which are forcing you to do so.  Man, you guys crack me up.

Feeding the girls on a Sunday morning

We’re going through a phase with R & R, wherein, when taking the first few bites of some food (like oatmeal, mac and cheese, etc.), they say “Hot”, like what they’re eating is too hot.  But they happily keep eating, because it’s really just warm.  Sort of cute.

At the end of eating, they’ve learned to hold the last bite or drink in their mouths, sometimes for minutes.  It’s a little annoying, because you don’t know if that bite is actually going to get swallowed, or if it’s going to make it’s way back to daylight.

Yesterday, we spent some time up at the Langfords, while Lynn and Kristi went to the BYU/UCLA football game.  While we were there, I jailbroke my PDA of choice and started reinstalling all of my apps, again.  It’s suprising how many of those things I rely on.  Qik, for instance, is great for taking video of my family or whatever, since it’s automatically associated with my Qik account.  I like that Qik can stream from your phone to your Qik website.  Pretty darn slick.

Terminal is absolutely essential, since it allows me to use things like SSH keys.  Also, it just flat-out has a great interface and menu system.  The SSH apps that you can buy are probably fine, but I prefer to use apps that I can tweak to my heart’s content.  I noticed a new app, called Modem, which is also not in an approved store, but allows for you to tether your laptop (like Netshare).  I haven’t tested it, but that’s also another app that could become valuable.

This morning, I have to get ready for the lesson that I’m teaching at church.  I haven’t prepared one lick, so I’d best be going.

Public service announcement:

This might be a good time for a public service announcement from this blog:

If any of you are “bored to death” of anything that I write in this blog, kindly feel free to STOP READING THIS BLOG.  I feel badly that some of you have felt coerced into reading these Broadweave posts and want you to know that there are many, many people who are happily not reading this blog.

Some of them can even spell.

On a completely unrelated note, I’d like to thank “Sparky” for his advice.  Maybe I’ll check into getting an ADB STB, so that all of my problems can be solved.  Thanks, Sparky.

7 year anniversary of September 11, 2001

Tonight, on MSNBC, Wendy and I are watching the archived video tape of the newscast that occured during the attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  It is depressing, frankly.  I’m glad to be reminded of what a terrible event this was for our country.

It’s unbelievable that anyone could do something so terrible, as to attack innocent victims.  I hope I don’t ever forget how I felt when this happened.  The one thing that I remember that made me feel good during such a time of turmoil:  There really didn’t appear to be any political lines in this country, for a while, at least.  It was great to see us pull together and just work without those lines.