Roxie utters a complete phrase

Wendy was feeding the girls about 5 minutes ago, when, all of a sudden, Roxie picked up Reagan’s milk cup, handed it to her and said “Here you go”.  It was really cool and took both Wendy and I by surprise.  It was really cute.

Yesterday, we took the girls to Cornbelly‘s a Halloween place for kids.  The girls went on a little tracktor ride, we all rode on a larger tracktor ride, they went down sides, etc.

After that, we went home for a short time and got the girls fed.  Then we met Lee and Diana over at Joe Banditos for dinner.  It was fun.

Today, I figured out how to archive iPhone voicemails into iTunes.  I’m always interested in archiving media, because I think that it makes for a good journal.

Microsoft just asked me if I wanted to install a 327 MB update for Office.  *sigh*  I guess.  <enter>

This blog going dark

So as soon as the ship departs, we’ll be charged approximately a billion dollars to use my phone and the internet that my broadband card has provided while on vacation.  On Wednesday, we’ll have our normal service, since we’ll be in the US Virgin Islands (note to would-be criminals:  My house and daughters are currently being watched over by my father, who owns a gun.  Lots of ’em.)  From Thursday until Saturday morning, we’ll be under the threat of heavy charges, so we won’t be accessable then, either.

If I get a chance, I’ll be updating this blog and also  I’ll try to get a couple of posts and videos before then.

2 AM, catch-up post

It’s 2 AM in Florida.  “Today” was a less hectic day.  We made sure of it.  After arriving in Florida, early this morning, we caught a ride from the Hotel shuttle from the Orlando airport and arrived at the Mariot at about 10 AM, or so.  Surprisingly, we were allowed into our room about 5 hours earlier than expected.  We settled in, took a nap (short one) and went out to the pool, where we fell asleep in our pool chairs.

We went to lunch at the Planet Hollywood and had hamburgers (very good & picture in earlier post).  We walked around the Disneyworld streets and soon left to return to our hotel.  Our car (white Ford Focus) had some serious issues and started sputtering on the I-4 highway.  The “Check Engine” light was even on.  We made it back to the car rental agency, where we upgraded to a KIA (runs much better).

We took another nap (keep in mind we’ve had really no sleep in 24 hours) and ended up waking up at 9:15 PM, after an intended 1 hour nap became 4.

For dinner, we ate at Dennys, where a very good waitress served us (she didn’t write any of her tables orders down, which is a feat in my book.

So, tonight, I’m having a hard time sleeping, because of the aforementioned nap that we took.  In about 10 hours, we’ll be getting ready to leave the hotel and head to the ship.  I am excited.

I spent about two hours, tonight, catching up on some work for OC Tanner.  Just feel like I need to keep things nice and tidy for work before I leave.

I’ve been impressed, tonight, in watching some news footage of John McCain correcting a woman who called Obama an “Arab”.  He even called Obama a “decent family man” that he disagrees with.  I thought that that was a shining moment for him.  The ability to throw your opponent into a good light speaks for itself, I believe.  Good for McCain.