Ocwen called, again

Ocwen called to see if they could talk to me, regarding my account.  I verified that the number they were calling from was indeed Ocwen, then gave them the last 4 of my social.  I was told that I needed to make a payment and could do so, over the phone.  It was at this point that I managed to get a price list.  I asked if they charge me for paying over the phone.  I was told that he’d check on it.

When he came back, he told me that I would be charged 19.50 for a phone payment, which, by the way, is not late.  Currently, I pay 10 dollars for the privilege of paying over their website.  If I mail my check, I’m not charged at all.  This is a pretty trendy thing for businesses, nowadays.  They charge for the thing that doesn’t require hardly any man-hours, at all.  They don’t charge when they have to have someone that will open the envelope, verify the check, run the check through a scanner, etc.  It’s very backward, and in my opinion, dishonest.

I asked him if we had any history of not paying our mortgage.  He conceded that we were current and had always made our payment.  I asked him why we’d ever want to pay him over the phone and get charged an extra 10 dollars on top of what we are already charged for our internet payment.  He didn’t have an answer.  I told him that I thought that what Ocwen does is dishonest.  They are taking advantage of people who would probably make their payment either in the mail or over the internet, but decide, because they are being harassed day and night by Ocwen, to just settle up over the phone.

I told him (like I told the guy, last night) that they were not to call me by phone, unless I was delinquent on a payment.  They weren’t to email me with solicitations.  They may only contact me if I’m falling behind on a payment, or there is some necessary information that I need that is not related to trying to solicit extra money or scam me.

So far, I hate Ocwen.

Ocwen calls me and asks for the last 4 of my social

Ocwen, at 8 PM, tonight, just called and asked if I was Nathan.  I informed him that I was and quickly took control of the conversation (they’ve called before, and it’s a sales thing).  I asked him if there was a problem with my account.  He said that he didn’t know, that this was an automated thing.  I told him that I’d already spoken to them recently, and asked that I be taken off of their sales list.  He told me that he could do that, but that he needed the last four of my social security number.

I then reminded him that if he was from Ocwen (and especially if he’s the one calling me), that he should have that information in front of him.  I again told him to take me off of his sales list.  I then hung up.  The number that he called from is 800.310.9229.

Ocwen, so far, has proven to be more of a scamming and conniving company, than a mortgage company.  I think that I just had a disturbing realization…