Hell will have to freeze over for the Sharks to win against the Red Wings…

This photo taken by expert photographer, Patrick Phillips, of today’s omen of a snowstorm.

…I say this, because no one, and I mean NO ONE is giving the San Jose Sharks a chance in their 2nd round series against the Detroit Red Wings.

I don’t know how long I’ve been a hockey fan.  I have a pretty good idea of where it started, though…

At first, it seemed like a good idea, marrying into a hockey family.  My wife and her entire family are from Detroit.  They are true natives, as my wife’s father even worked for Ford Motors his entire career.  With them, to Utah, they brought a momentum of fan-dom for teams like the Lions, Pistons, and of course, the Red Wings.  It’s as it should be.  There are a lot of Detroit Red Wings fans who are fans of the team, because it’s an easy choice.  The Red Wings bring with them a rich history (and a winning history, at that).  But my wife’s family has an obvious link to the Wings, so who could blame them?

My brother in law worked hard to convince me that hockey is where it’s at.  I never really cared too much for sports, growing up, so I wasn’t convinced.  I went to my first hockey game when I saw the Utah Grizzlies (ECHL) vs some other team that I didn’t care about, either.  But by the end of the game, I was sort of enjoying myself.  At the 2nd intermission, I walked up to get a drink or something (I’ll make up the details as I see fit- it was a while ago) and ended up in the gift shop.  They had several NHL jerseys in the shop and I started to get a funny idea that I should buy one.  I think I even asked my brother in law what the closest NHL team to Chico, California was.  I bought a black XXL (it’s still waaaay too big) Sharks jersey.  Then I went and say down in my seat to finish the game as a wanna-be Sharks fan.  I even remember getting a few approving nods from close-by spectators.  It was exciting.  I had chosen a side and wasn’t going to look back.

Nowadays I dream in teal.  I get sick over losses and elated over wins.  I’m happy that I picked a team to root for, who has never won The Cup.  I’m growing with the team.  When they win The Cup for the first time, it will be new for the team, as well as myself.

By the way- It’s snowing like a banshee in Utah, right now (and it’s almost May!).  Hell is starting to freeze over, and the Sharks are on the attack…

Sharks rituals that I have

Today, I was reading on Fear the Fin a thread about different habits that Sharks fans have, during the games.  My FTF membership is new, so I can’t post these habits for another couple of days (when my membership becomes “official”.  So here you go:

  1. First and foremost, I wear a Sharks article of clothing (the more, the better).  Shirt, hat, flannels, whatever I can.
  2. On game day, before the game (or as soon as I can get to it), I put up my 3’x5′ Sharks flag in my office window, with the light inside, illuminating my allegiance.
  3. More flag rules:  If the Sharks win the game, the flag stays up and illuminated until I go to bed.  If they lose, the flag comes down at the end of the game, immediately.
  4. The game must be watched live or as close to possible.  I still believe that I have some effect on the game, if I watch it DVR’d, but only if there are no other options.
  5. I shut off Sports Center game alerts to my phone…just in case.

That’s pretty much it.  There have been times when the Sharks are losing and I realize that my flag is not in the office window.  I’ve run down, put it up, only to see the Sharks rebound.  So this is pretty crucial.

First brick workout

Nathan's first brick

Yesterday, after work, I drove to the Lehi Legacy Center to swim and have the mobile glass guys replace my Tacoma’s windshield (Spoiler: After my swim, my windshield hadn’t been replaced, so we’re trying for Wednesday, now).  A little frazzled, I somehow had forgotten my lock, so I had to “rent” one from the LLC (Lehi Legacy Center) for 50 cents.  I piled all of the expensive stuff from my truck into my locker (so that I could leave the door unlocked for the glass guys) and headed to the pool.  All of the lanes were taken, but I was lucky enough to get a LLC guy to pull another line, just for me (Thanks, LLC guy!)

It was an “ok” swim.  I tried to work on a few things:  Making my next stroke my best (as per Total Immersion instruction), keeping my body balanced, and stretching out as I moved through the water.  I’ve had better swims, but overall, it was a good workout.

I mentioned that I was a little frazzled.  As I headed into the locker room (I swam about a mile in 45 minutes), I had no towel to dry off with.  So I used what God gave people like me- the paper towels at the sink.  I’m sure that on another day, I’d have been critical of someone else doing the same thing, but this was today, and I needed to dry off.

I left and drove home.  Wendy and the girls had driven up to Alpine, so I did what any good triathlete would do- I parked the car and decided to bike up to Alpine.  This would be my first brick and seemed like a good idea, since my first tri is only 2.5 weeks away.  I grabbed my inhaler, wallet, keys and stuffed them into the little seat-back that I bought from Saturday Cycles (also where I bought my bike) and made another quick decision.  I would go ahead and try using clip-less pedals for my first time (Spoiler #2:  I didn’t have any major accidents, due to my rashness.  My buddy, Patrick, promised me that I’d fall with my feet trapped in the pedals at least once on my first time, so I was sort of determined to buck that newbie ritual).  I made a practice circle in the driveway with my feet imprisoned and then popped them out by kicking my heels out to the side.  No problem.

The first 5 miles were not too bad.  I made my way east on University Parkway.  Ok, I will admit that I had a close call with the clip-less pedals at a stop light.  I almost didn’t get my left foot out in time and almost fell on a while car that was sitting to my left.  But still- I didn’t fall, so…

As the sun started to set, I saw myself crossing into Cedar Hills, which is close to Alpine (my destination).  However, I’d gone in a route that took my through a lot of hills.  Looking back, I’m sure that this was good for my training, but man, at the time, it felt like death.  My thighs were burning.  My right elbow was hurting.  My asthma was starting to act up (just a little).  The last hill that takes me within a quarter mile of my destination was a killer.  At this point, I’d biked over 23 miles.  I had to dismount and walk up the rest of the hill, with my bike shoes scraping and crunching beneath my feet.  I decided I hate the sound and feel of walking on the road in clip-less pedals.

So that was my first brick.  I’m not sure that I could have tacked on another 10K run at the end of that night.  In two and a half weeks, I’ll have to.

Importing video from Nancy's Sony Handycam

1.  Launch iMovie on the Mac

2.  Connect black firewire cable from camera’s DV port to Mac.

3.  iMovie will detect camera and allow you to choose to import.  When do choose to import, you should hear the tape rewind and soon see the video import in real time (the video will play out in iMovie)

4.  At this point, I chose “Stop”.  It will then process and report that “About * minutes of video were imported.”

5.  Click “ok”.

6.  On the left, in your iMovie’s “Event Library”, you ‘ll see the event(s) that were imported.

Buying the Bianchi Imola

Tonight, after work, my friend Patrick (another OC Tanner fellow) and I drove to Saturday Cycles, where I tested several road bikes, before settling on the Bianchi Imola.  I also tested a Bianchi Coast to Coast, but determined that the Imola was a little more relaxing for my back (I felt like I could stretch out on it a little more).

Mike, from Saturday Cycles, gave me a great deal and I was able to walk out of the shop, fully outfitted.  I’m super stoked to ride on Saturday and try this thing out.

I am now ready, gear-wise, to do next month’s Olympic Tri.

Should be able to sleep, tonight

It just occurred to me, now, that I feel a lot better than I did the other night, when my heart rate was at 86.  I jut took my pulse and now I’m at 68 BPM.  Much better.  I feel better and don’t feel anxious or nervous.  I ran a fast 5 with dad, tonight, so I’m not sure what the difference is.  I had a couple of DP’s tonight, so I have a decent amount of caffeine in my system.  So I’m not sure what was happening a few nights ago.  Stress, maybe?

My 2010 race calendar…

15th:  St. George Triathlon “SGTRI” – Olympic (registered)

12th:  Utah Valley Marathon, Half Marathon, & 5K
18-19:  Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay

5th:  Freedom Festival 10K
24th:  Deseret News Marathon and 10K

7th:  Provo River Trail 1/2 Marathon

28th:  Bear Lake Brawl (sprint or oly or 1/2 iron tri)

2nd:  Saint George Marathon

2011 Calendar

Ragnar Relay, Tennessee