Twitter Updates for 2010-07-25

  • Getting ready to bike 13 miles to the start of the Desnews 10K. This is my friend, Patrick's, fault. #
  • Arrived at the start of the Desnews 10K. Warmed up from the bike. #
  • Finished the Desnews 10K. Waiting for a bus to take us back to our bikes…might be faster to run back. #
  • Walked back to the bikes…gonna bike back to Sandy. #
  • Fin #
    The girls, post pie-eating contest. #

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Just remembered a recent swimming activity

On our last cruise, I remember at a beach, that I was swimming out further and further, fascinated at how far from shore I was.  I started to get scared and came back in.  I had fins on, but remember thinking that this was pretty cool.  I wonder if I’ve been getting ready for long-distance swimming longer than I thought…