Talked to Brad at Nuvont

I called Brad at 10:25 AM to follow up on this morning’s call. He told me that he hasn’t heard anything back, yet, but that Heather, from iProvo, will be the one to set this up. He told me that he was going to give them until 11:00 AM. When I asked about possibly getting […]

Here we go, again…

Brad called to let me know that he just got off of the phone with Heather. Based on what I described to Brad, he thinks that this will be a relatively minor repair. He also mentioned that it will cost about 40 dollars if it’s a minor repair, more if it’s extensive. At that point, […]

Broadweave returned my call, just now.

I had left them a message on Saturday at 7:30 PM. Luke (a familiar name) called, following up with me about my lack of service and asked if the problem still existed. When I asked, he told me that he didn’t recognize my name or my blog’s name. I let him know that Nuvont was […]

A call from the Veracity tech

I got a call from the Veracity tech, Jason, who called from my house. I was sort of surprised, but it was nice to hear that someone was there to work on the issue. I guided him into the room where the iProvo box is located and he saw the broken optical cable. He told […]