Just signed up for my first full triathlon, or, "How stupid am I, really?"

After some cajoling and Jedi mind tricks, I convinced Wendy that the smartest, rightest thing to do this year, is for me to sign up for the Pumpkinman Full Triathlon.  With Wendy’s reluctant (but supportive) permission, I signed up.  So far, it’s just like any other race.  I sign up, tell them I want an XL shirt, get a receipt.  Pretty easy, this Pumpkinman.

PS:  For those of you new to the world of triathlon, a full triathlon is approximately twice the distance of a half triathlon.  And for those of you who remember my 1/2 experience, all I can say is- I REALLY DON’T KNOW.

Putting together Reagan's talk for primary

This morning, I sat down and did what my parents must have done, quite a few times for me, as a kid.  I wrote a primary talk.

I used small words that even I could understand.  Reagan and I went over it a couple of times.  I think she likes it.  We were shooting for a 1 minute talk, so I think we’re pretty close.  Reagan really enjoyed going over it.

"I know the scriptures are true"- Reagan's talk for today

Jared’s brother had a problem.

He needed light in his boats.

They were very dark.

It’s hard to travel with no light.

Jared’s brother had a lot of faith.

He asked the Lord to touch some rocks.

The Lord touched the rocks with his finger.

The rocks became little lights.

Now they could see things in the boat.

Heavenly Father has asked us to read the scriptures.

They are scripture stories that are true.

I have scriptures (show the scriptures).

If I read this book, I will be happy.

I will know what God wants me to do.

I say these things

in the name of Jesus Christ.


Eating Roxie out of house and home…

A couple of nights ago, we were eating dinner as a nuclear family.  Roxie mentioned that she was hungry.  I turned to her, with my Trademark Straight Face™ and told her that I was going to “eat all of the cookies, the ice cream, the macaroni and cheese, the applesauce…”, etc.  She broke into tears, crying at the prospect of not being able to ever eat, again.

To be sure, this is not what I expected.  My normally killer-humor instinct hadn’t been calibrated and, as such, I’d broken my daughter’s heart.

A couple of things about this:  How cute is Roxie and how cool is it that she takes my word for The Gospel?  I’m going to have to be careful what I say around her, until she gets her humor bearings about her.  That kid trusts me- that’s for sure.

Sharks vs. Penguins (3-2 win)

It makes me happy that I’ve been able to watch so many of the games, this year.  Sharks won in OT with only a few seconds left.  The team is winning in closer battles, which has required a more consistent game.

Tomorrow, the Sharks play the Calgary Flames.  Go, Sharks.

Sharks vs Red Wings (4-3 win)

The girls are pitted against each other (sorta)

This game was a big deal, sorta.  Wendy dressed the girls in opposite teams (she is from Michigan).

Family came over to watch.  The Sharks beat the Wings 4-3.  It got a little close at the end, but we clenched the victory and moved on.

I hope that someday, when my girls are old enough to know the truth about hockey, they’ll pick their teams correctly.  1 down- 1 to go…

Twitter Updates for 2011-02-22

  • Biked 8.37 miles
    in 37m 53s. #
  • Biked 8.37 miles
    in 37m 53s. Rode out to Utah Lake and sat my bike on the ice in the harbor. #
  • Swam 375.00 yards
    in 35m. This was the first time that I was able to figure out bilateral breathing. #
  • Ran 6.20 miles
    in 1h 06m 51s. Ran up in Alpine. Lynn took us up a few hills. It was hard. I was probably sick. #

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Sharks vs Avalanche (4-0 win)

Great game. First game for Ian White as a Shark. Hat trick for Seteguchi. 1 goal for Clowe. Shutout for Niemi. End score: 4-0

Showed Neil Young with son in the crowd several times. He did not throw his awesome hat on the ice. Bummer, Neil, bummer. 🙂

How to watch an NHL game with your prefered announcers…

Fresh out of the Sharks Community Chatroom, “charlemagne” offered these links when I asked about DVRing a game with the confidence that the “best” announcers would be recorded:


February’s schedule: http://www.indemand….090422124838930

HD schedule: http://www.indemand….090417171945913

I suppose the above information would also help a non-Sharks fan with their own respective team, but I’d hate to contribute to The Problem.