Watching the girls sleep

Last night, while Wendy and I were watching television, I turned and asked her if she wanted to go with me into the girls’ bedrooms and watch them sleep.  She asked why, but I didn’t know.  Just sounded fun.

So we went into Lucy’s room and watched her cuddle next to her balled-up blanket (she reacted to the extra noise in the room).

Then we went into Roxie and Reagan’s room.  I re-tucked in Roxie, because her covers were all tangled up.  Then I bent down to make sure that Reagan was still breathing (a carry-over habit from when the girls were still in their infancy).

It was really nice.  We’re lucky to live in a country and in a home that is relatively safe from danger.  My kids sleep, knowing that they’ll be safe and that we’re close.  It’s pretty neat.

Reagan takes a punch in the face

20110322-075129.jpgI took Reagan, Roxie and Lucy to the park across the street, tonight, after work.

When we first got there, a girl, who was a little bigger (and, I think, older) than Reagan went and sat on Reagan’s bike, after Reagan went to go play on the swings.

This is important:  I felt that the girl who went to sat on Reagan’s bike was mentally underdeveloped or something, because the way that she acted just seemed to fall in line with that type of thing.

So I let it go.  I asked Reagan if she’d let this girl sit on her bike.  Reagan allowed it and started playing, again.

Later, the girl got a little rough with Reagan and started trying to pull her jacket off.  She was yelling that it was hers.  Reagan shouted back (correctly) that it was her jacket.

That’s when this girl punched Reagan in the face.

Unbelievable.  Really?  Punching?  Face-punching?  Reagan immediately started crying (like, upset crying).  I was incredulous.  The 14-16 year-old boy and his girlfriend(?) didn’t hardly budge from their position on the bench, where they sat.

Folks, I swear, any other time, with any other little girl and guardian (again- ?), I’d have managed this.  But I took some things into account:  1.  I knew Reagan was okay (minus that she was obviously not “okay”, but you get it).  2.  I wasn’t sure if this kid’s parents were drug abusers or if the kid was just mentally slow.  Something was off, so I simply pulled Reagan back.

Apparently, a form of guardian(ing) kicked in and the 14-16 year-old (other) kid told his barely-non-peer to say sorry.  The girl walked up to Reagan with her arms open.  I asked Reagan if she could give her a hug.  Reagan, dutifully gave the girl a hug, who, while in a picture-perfect embrace, stomped on Reagan’s foot.

That was enough for me.  Time to go.  Everyone in that park, except me, was a minor.

In retrospect, there were about a hundred different ways to handle that better.  I should have told the girl, in front of Reagan, that hitting her was not okay.  But I didn’t.  I let my concern that this kid could have many worse problems dictate my passiveness.  And that wasn’t really right.  My first priority is Reagan and I blew it in not showing her more loyalty.

Afterward, when we were at home, I did tell Reagan that I was proud of her and that she did the right thing (if she had punched the girl in self-defense, I would have said the same thing).  I know that this isn’t going to ruin Reagan, but I owe more than what she got, tonight.

Backing up and restoring iPhone

1.  Back up iPhone.  Open iTunes with Control, then choose the path /Extie/backup/Music/iTunes

2.  Seems to be adding missing apps to iTunes, but alarmingly is also removing apps from iPhone?  Not good.

(After this was done, some stuff seemed to be removed, but I can’t verify that.  Things were moved around a little on the iPhone, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t lose anything like contacts, music, settings- we’ll see.)

3.  Did a “Sync Address Book Contacts” and selected “Merge”…everything looked ok on the iPhone, so far.

4.  Did a “Sync iCal Calendars”…This did not give the “Merge” option.  It just did it.  As far as I can tell, everything is still on my iPhone.

5.  Chose not to do a “Sync Mail Accounts”, since everything I have is pulled from either work Exchange server, or a Gmail account (or Mobile Me).

6.  Did another iPhone sync.  Everything still seems to be in order.

7.  Now trying to restore backup.  Uh oh.  Wants a password.  I don’t have a password.  Are you serious?  !!!

8.  In damage control, now.  Found an article that I’m hoping will help.

9.  Navigated to path:  /Users/User/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup and copied “Backup” to “Backup.bak.16mar2011”.

Here’s what we have in the MobileSync directory:

drwxr-xr-x  3 User  staff  102 Dec 17 17:42 Backup
drwxr-xr-x  3 User  staff  102 Mar 16 21:42 Backup.bak.16mar2011

Backed up:  /Volumes/external/backup/System Settings/iPhone/Backup to Backup.bak.16mar2011

10.  Went to sleep on this issue, frustrated and tired.

11.  Read this site and decided to try some old iPhone pins (4 digit codes), again.  One that I was sure I’d tried before- worked!

12.  At some point in this process, I had a pretty sincere prayer.

13.  This is going to help no one, unless, for some odd reason, the password that they’re being prompted for is an iPhone PIN (or they pray).