Time out for Reagan (now how about a time out for dad?)

Well, Reagan pushed Lucy over (who went into hysterics) and so I put her (Reagan, you fools) into timeout.  Then I went downstairs to work, again.

Then, about 40 minutes later, Roxie came down to inform me that Reagan had been crying, for forever.

I felt horrible.

I went upstairs and calmed Reagan down, told her she can’t push Lucy down, any more, and told her I was sorry for forgetting her.

Easter Sunday

Today, I finally completed a small part of a big project.  I’m trying to virtualize my web servers, so that I can, first off, learn more about the technology (virtualization) and, secondly, consolidate my network at home.  Ironically, it seems like I just have more stuff.

So in about 6 hours, my girls will wake up and get to see their Easter baskets.  I hope that as they grow, they can get a sense of what Easter means to us as Latter-Day Saints.  Wendy does a good job of helping them to understand these things.

Also, I hope that before I leave this world, I can have a better understanding of what Easter is about and how it affects my life.

Memory and Hard drive space in FreeBSD

To discover memory statistics, use this, which I found at CyberCiti:

FreeBSD command about RAM size and information

Download perl script which is written by Ralf S. Engelschall:

# fetch http://www.cyberciti.biz/files/scripts/freebsd-memory.pl.txt
# mv freebsd-memory.pl.txt /usr/local/bin/free
# chmod +x /usr/local/bin/free