Next step for removing a stubborn bolt from lower shock bushing:

Looks like I’ve tried just about everything to get the lower shock bolt out.  Tried a 5lb sledgehammer, jacking the truck off the wheel well to create space in the bushing (which is demolished), etc.  I’m down to cutting off the bolt and chiseling out the bushing, I think.

Here are some potential tools for the job:

Penetrating Oil (PB Blaster?)
Wire brush
Air chisel
cut cut-off tool
decent visegrips

I think I have:
Propane torch (I know I have the nossel, but may need more propane…we’ll see.)

Looooong day, much accomplish

Yesterday’s workday just ended for me.  It’s 1:15 AM and I’m going to bed.

But first, a little victory:  Tonight, David and I were able to install my newly rebuilt strut in my Tacoma.  It was a big deal, because at some points in this project, I thought seriously about just sending it in to be done for me.  I’m glad I stuck it out.

I still have to do the left strut, but it should be much easier.

The workday was pretty busy.  We had a few issues and they followed all of us through dinner and into the earlier morning of the next day.  We work hard on these nights.  Everyone stays pretty professional, even though it’s sometimes exhausting and frustrating.

Looking for a cool way to make my workbench a little more versatile

A 2″ receiver like this would do the trick.  Then you just start buying the stuff with the posts.

Front shocks for Toyota Tacoma

Called this guy:
Armen Mosikian
Tech Manager
Fabtech Motorsports
4331 Eucalyptus Ave
Chino, Ca. 91710

Armen referred me to:
Mirage Racing

With Doug at Mirage, we decided that what I have is this:
Fox Shocks made for Fab Tech

It’ll cost:
20 each a shock + oil 12 bucks (that oil is enough for 2 shocks.)  It’s fairly simple to do.  People usually need it recharged motorcycle shop or offroad shop.

Some cautions:  Might need to disconnect sway bar.  Might have problem getting spring off of shock.

Emailed the following pics to for confirmation of parts:

Called Doug back, who had received the pics.

Here’s the breakdown of cost:
97 + freight (20 each for bushings.  Oil is 12 bucks.  20 each for rebuild parts.)

He can ship them out, today, but I’m curious to know what that’ll cost.

Ground is about 3 days:  13.42

2nd day is:  22.72

Ordered them 2nd day, so I’ll have them on Thursday.

Now to see about those rear shocks…

Honda shop Yamaha shop, skate motorcycle sports

Escape Motor Sports:  20 per shock, depending on ammount of nitro needed.  Looks like I need to find out how much, per shock, of Nitro is needed.  (Good question for Doug when he calls back.)

Doug called back.  200 PSI of nitro is what’s needed.