At Pinnochio Village Haus

Just finished lunch at this little restaurant. The food was ok; the price was high. No refills. Test of character.

The girls had a great time watching a fun parade. We danced, gasped at fireworks, and then headed over to It’s a small world, where Roxie bucked up and got on the boat.

We are now on a quest to find a princess or fairy. Princess and fairy jokes write themselves.


Mars Rover Launch

Left the ship at about 9ish and worked the phones to figure out where our Hertz rental car was.

At the lot, I picked (it turns out) the runt of the litter. No auto anything. We’re rolling windows up and down like cavemen.

As we made our way from the rental, w notices stacks of people along the roadside, parked and watching the sky. It turned out that the Mars Rover, a 2 year delayed, 600,000 million dollar mission was launching.

I became anxious and started trying to figure out how to get us into a position so that we could watch this marvel.

It turned out that stopping or gas was the answer. There was a window of about 1 1/2 hours when it could launch, so as I was pumping my unleaded into our rental, I turned around and saw it.

It was me and my dumpy rental, family scrambling to get out and see the sky, staring heaven-ward at the ultimate ride. These scene lasted only less than a minute. Clouds soon covered the Rover, which won’t land on Mars until next year in August.

We found our hotel, unpacked, spent some time at the pool and weighed our options.

We drive two miles from our hotel to Downtown Disney,


Busy day at sea

Woke up at 9 AM and still felt sleepy. People in the hall were pretty loud, so there was no going back to sleep.

We got up and had breakfast on Lido and then headed over to volleyball. We played an official (ship-sanctioned) game, followed a shorter, informal game.

Then we headed over to miniature golf, where Roxie and Lee and Reagan and I teamed up. Wendy, Kristi and Michael played, as well. It was pretty fun, but Roxie and Lee beat Reagan and I by 2 points.

After this, Wendy took the girls to get lunch and I lost track of them for a bit. At this point, we all sort of did our own thing. Kristi, Michael and I watched a Packers/Lions game, which the Packers won (yay.)

Land ho (and other rainy-day plans)

Woke up at about 6 (weird) and showered and dressed. I walked up to Lido (where else?) and observed land and a lot of clouds.

Turned Airplane Mode off on my iPhone and pulled down over 165 emails and quickly deleted 90% of them.

Went back downstairs and delivered to weather news to Wendy, who was unimpressed.