Leaking issue with my Lifeproof case (updated with photo of broken case)


EDIT– 4 April 2012, 11:09 AM- Lifeproof is sending a replacement case, first class.

Just figured out why my case was taking in water and letting out way too much air.

If you look closely, you’ll see that there are two membranes at the base of the case (top of the picture) that allow for sound in, but doesn’t allow water to rush in…

…unless there is a missing membrane.  On the left side of this picture, you can see where the membrane is completely missing (which is why you can see my blue screensaver through it.)

You can also see what’s left of the plastic from where it tore off, I’m guessing.  I’ll just call Lifeproof and see if I can get another replacement.

Leaking issue with my Lifeproof case


Just jumped off of the phone with Lifeproof. Posting photos so they can see charge port door and foam insert.

I’m not sure which way the foam goes back in.  In my mind, the oval depression would line up with the oval port opening of the case, but the lip that goes under the hinge is now forced under.

And that, then, leads to the answer, I think.  I believe that this works when the seal is placed OVER the hinge- not under.

Sorry for the trouble, Cassie (Lifeproof Rep).  I’ll test this, again, with the seal resting on the hinge.

20120405-101018.jpgFor those who are interested (me), the reason this whole question came about, was because I was trying to thouroughly dry the case.  So I shook the case to get the thin, yellow gasket that lines the perimiter of the case out.  It came out, but so did the port seal.  20120405-101033.jpgJust didn’t know how it went back in.