A very quick trip to Utah Lake (very)

Perfect conditions and no swim. Uhg.

I got to Utah Lake and hit the south jetty, as has become tradition.  As soon as I got my SSD out of the truck, I knew my swim was over.  I’d forgotten the strap that connects the device to my waist.  The water was choppy and there was no one around, so I didn’t feel comfortable doing my usual mile lap, down the jetty and back.

So instead I jumped in, swam against the chop for about a

Wind was pushing the water in a southeast direction. Makes for a nice half mile back.

minute, then I turned around and came back.  One thing I’ve really tried to do is to be careful when I’m swimming alone.  My only precaution is that Swim Safety Device, and Utah Lake has swallowed up too many people, recently.  She is hungry and need not be tempted.

But as you can see from the pictures, I was the one who lost out, having forgotten my safety equipment.  The

A beautiful scene and one jetski.

water was perfect.  I’m pretty sure that when I left the wind picked up just a touch, which would have been pretty fun.  But that swim will have to be another day.  I have work that I need to do for my employer, so there’s not time to go back.

One more thing I forgot to mention- the jetty, harbor and lake was devoid of any human being (save me and a jetski.)

Man, I wish I had time. The water is even shallow enough my kids would enjoy standing up in this and playing in the waves.

It was perfect, I tell you.


Another day; another day.

Gathering water levels, clarity and temperature information on Utah Lake

For a few weeks, I’ve been half-heartedly (I have a full time job, too) searching for a website that could give me more information on Utah Lake conditions.  It would be awesome if you could daily, or at least weekly, find out how deep the water is, what the temperature has been like.

So I reached out to @UtahLake (Utah Lake Commission) on Twitter and called the Utah Lake State Park, who referred me to their website.  But I don’t see anything like what I’m looking for on their web site.

I finally emailed the USU Water Quality Extension guys to see about me gathering this every couple days and sending to them.  Sometimes the easiest way to get what you’re looking for is to buck up and do it, yourself.  🙂

Swim Without Walls “group” swim

Cam takes the Swim Safety Device for a test swim

This afternoon, things were looking good for a quick swim at Utah Lake.  I sent the word out over Swim Without Walls Facebook page and a couple of people responded.

I had heard that a couple of people might come down, so I waited and sat in the truck, charging my phone (since it records my swims.)

I noticed three men in a boat, only about 50 feet off of the jetty, pulling in white bass after white bass.  Each were pulling in a fish in only about a minute at a time.  What is the limit on those things?

My buddy Cam met me (another SWW friend wasn’t able to make it, unfortunately) and we jumped into the stagnant, mossy-green water.  When the wind picks up, a lot of the mossy water issues is alleviated when the water currents move fresh water in, near the jetty.

The water level at Utah Lake was especially low, today.  I wish I could find a website that would explain where the water is going.  It would help me to understand how the water is

In the middle of these rocks, you can see the waterline and why I keep complaining about shallow water.


We ended up swimming almost a mile, but something wasn’t right with my GPS, which recorded only .66 miles.  Stupid.  Lying.  GPS.

One of the things that Cam and I noticed about this swim was that, every 20 feet or so, the water would shift from warm to cold, warm to cold.  I wonder what causes that.

Anyway, it was fun and we took our


sweet time.  Cam’s a faster swimmer (just like Patrick and everyone else is), so he would swim out, wait for me a bit, and then we’d continue on.  It was a lot of fun.  Hopefully we’ll start to get a few more people down to the lake to enjoy some group swims.

The third annual crawdad catch and boil at Strawberry Reservoir

Tonight we were invited up to Strawberry Reservoir, for a crawdad cook with some friends and family.  Although there were probably plenty of crawdads by the time we arrived, me and the girls went down to the water to see how many we could find.

THIS is how you crop a picture. 🙂
My beautiful family (it should be noted that Wendy refused to eat a crawfish.) It should also be noted that there is always next year.
Reagan’s mad, because I put this on her plate.
Lucy removed the crawfish that I’d put on her plate, each time I placed it back on (four times.)
Reagan, stoked to cary the bucket of Crawfish.
This crawfish had a deathgrip on the chicken we used as bait.
An apparently dead body searches for more crawfish, while the dead body’s kids look on.


Roxie falls for a classic dad joke.


Reagan was a good sport about eating what was for dinner.
We like these with cayenne pepper.
The full plate.

Answering the call

This afternoon, the wind picked up, leaving me no choice but to get in my truck and head down to Utah Lake.  The wind forced all boaters and swimmers out of the water, but created some beautiful scenery.








Tangled up in two

20120825-090521.jpgEach night, before Wendy and I go to bed, we check in on The Girls to see what sleeping arrangements they’ve negotiated.  I imagine that last night’s cluster was just the norm for a couple of girls who shared a womb for 6 months.



Lucy and Daddy at Utah Lake, in a little chop

Tonight, Wendy took Roxie and Reagan to the store to get some school backpacks, etc.  So what were Lucy and I to do?  Well, we have a lake within 5 minutes of the house.  We’re outtahere.  We were only there for about 15 minutes, but we had a blast in the chop and she loved it.






Rule # 2: Last minute lane change before a turn

If you are about to miss a turn, but need to move a lane over to make that turn, common courtesy dictates that you don’t interrupt traffic in doing so.  If you are too stupid to plan ahead, you pay the price.  That might mean that you have to drive further down the road to the next turnaround point.  But that’s too bad- it’s not your neighboring traffic’s fault that you are too stupid to plan ahead.