Yabba Dabba Doo…

…the king is gone.

Just saw on the news that George Jones passed away, today.

It’s not often that a celebrity’s death brings me sorrow.  The last time I remember feeling this sad over someone I didn’t know, was when John Denver died.  When I listen to George Jones, I really feel like I’m going through the same thing he wrote about in his music.  I’ve been divorced as many times, drunk as much as George Jones, as I’ve listened to him over the years…and I’ve never been divorced or drunk.

Rest in peace, Mr. Jones.


Provo is to receive Google Fiber

Only about an hour ago, Provo City announced that it will be the third city in the United States to receive Google Fiber.  This means free high speed internet for the entire city, plus other benefits, many of which cost money, but are still leaps and bounds ahead of most cities in the US.

I have a feeling that the importance of this move will not have set in for a while, for most of us.  This should provide an economic boon to the area and I can only imagine that this will be a huge benefit to local schools.

Plus faster streaming of the NHL.  🙂

News from day of announcement

Boston Marathon bombing and Charice Beaumont is missing

The helicopter that flew over us on the Provo River Trail

Today, at work, I was browsing Twitter at about 1:30 and saw that an explosion had taken place at the Boston Marathon. I was a bit confused, wondering if I was really reading this right. Nothing was posted in news.google.com, so I kept refreshing Twitter. Soon enough, reports started rolling in.

Two separate bombs went off, close to the 26.2 mile mark, killing 3 and injuring 141 people (last count that I’m aware of). It’s unbelievable.

I left work early and took the train home, talking to my mom, Wendy and just staying on top of the news.

When I got home, I found out that there was a girl from Provo missing. So depressing.

I started to watch a Sharks game, tonight, but after the second period, I felt that I should be out helping to find Charice Beaumont. So I posted to Facebook that I was going to go out and see if I could help the search. Schawn Krugg and Matt Heil, from my ward, both expressed interest.

Once I arrived at the place where Charice had last been seen (this was also where the search was being coordinated), I stood in line, waiting for an assignment. I was about three people away from that point, when they announced that they were going to have us go home for now. They would be searching again, at 8 in the morning.

I posted to Facebook that I would be home in 10 minutes and that anyone who wanted to go help could meet me at home and we’d go from there.

Matt and Schawn showed up and we drove down to the lake and searched the state park. Then I parked the van at the base of the Provo River Trail and we started up the path. Our three flashlights lit the path and swung through brush, over the creek, on ducks, fish, over to fields where bulls eyes lit up, and then back to the path. Every once in a while we’d call out “Charice” and try to sound cheerful.

We walked all the way up to the Lakeview Road over the course of about an hour and a half. No results. We did see two other bikers, who had searched from the canyon, down to where we were. We let them know we’d scoured the trail, so they turned back where they came from.

At one point, a helicopter with searchlight swept down the path, only about 20 feet above the treeline. It lit us up as I took a quick picture.

I’ll be honest. This has been an exhausting and depressing day. My heart goes out to those in Boston, as well to Charice and her family and friends. I hope we find her and that she is ok.