Roxie's talk on "I know that Jesus Christ Will Come Again"

Jesus Christ was born and lived on earth.  He performed miracles and loved everyone.

Jesus was crucified.  His friends and followers missed him very much.

But Jesus returned three days later and showed that he lived again.  His friends and those who loved him were so happy that he was alive.

Jesus rose up to Heaven and now helps us, even though we can’t see him.  He sent his Spirit to help us the way that he helped people while He was on the earth.

Jesus will return.  When he does, he will minister to His people again.

I can’t wait until Jesus returns and we can be blessed with his presence, again.

I love Jesus and say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.


On the ice

Tonight I called Matt Heil to see if he’d like to go and check the ice on the Utah Lake.  He was game, so I picked him up and we headed off to the Lake.

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Not one degree given

Last night, I piled my running clothes by the side of the bed.  I didn’t expect to go for a run, but I like to have them ready, just in case.

I was awoken by the cackling of kids across the street at the bus stop.  These kids do not have the ability to sense the decibels that escape their tiny, shreaky little mouths.  Anyway, if you kids are reading this:

You.  Are.  Annoying.

Anyway, I checked the temperature on my phone and Provo read 0 degrees.  I had no choice.  I put my clothes on, braced myself, then stepped outside.  I was immediately greeted by death.

I carefully started off, making sure I had good footing, running through the dark street of 2770 West.  For me, the rules change when it’s this time of year.  I’ll run on whatever side of the road is the safest, laws be danged.

When I reached the end of 2770, I knew it was going to be a special run.  Also a short one.  Today would not be my five mile day.  I decided on 2-3, mainly because I’m not interested in seeing my family spend my fortune, from above.

When I hit the 1.5 mile mark, which is where North Boat Harbor Drive runs into the Provo River Trail, I decided this was it.  I’d head home.

And then something happened.  I couldn’t tell what it was, but then I noticed my vision was slipping.  I was having a very hard time seeing what was in front of me.  I looked up and saw a layer of snow, I thought, on my hat.  So I pulled out my phone and took a selfie:  Frosted eyelashes.  I’m always looking for something new or weird to experience when running, swimming, etc.  Today was a first.

Enjoy the pics 🙂







A 3 degree run

I knew this run was incoming.  For a couple of weeks, I’d already made up my mind about how I’d handle it.  I would handle it with grace.  The sort of grace that accompanies a wet nose, slipping on ice and occasional muttering.

It actually wasn’t so bad.  For me, whether I’m about to dip into an icy lake or run a freezing Provo River Trail, it’s all about time on ice.  I don’t screw around getting gear into place outside.  Everything is ready to go when I quickly open and close that front door.

Another thing I’ve found is positive self-talk.  As soon as I start the run, I feel incredibly cold.  My butt, hands and face are slammed with an arctic front and it’s all I can do, sometimes, to not turn around and just walk back up my front door stairs.  Instead I tell myself that I’m only going to go a 1/2 mile.  Just run down to the end of the street and turn around.  Of course this is only a ploy.  Once I reach the end of the street, I’ve warmed up, slightly.  Just enough to tell myself that I’ll go another 1/2 mile, and so forth.

Surprisingly, it was my left calf that cut this run short.  Not that I didn’t know my calf was a possible issue.  I was just happy that it wasn’t the cold that dictated my turnaround point.  I actually wanted to do my five mile loop.  But I don’t want to make things worse than they already are, so I headed back.

The result of this kind of training is that, the next time I’m on the starting line for a 1/2 marathon and it’s 25 degrees, I’ll feel just fine.

Turkey trot, injuries and rehab

For Thanksgiving, a few neighbors and friends met at my house and we ran.  I managed a 7:11 pace for five miles, but came away with some problems.

Lower back injury:  I don’t know if this came from the Turkey Trot or from helping my sister move some items from their storage unit.  Either way, Friday and Saturday were pretty brutal on my lower back.  It hurt to just stand up straight.  It’s starting to feel better, today.

Left calf injury:  I didn’t notice it at first, but on Thursday night (day of TT), I noticed some issues with my left calf.  The next morning, when I ran, I pushed through about 4 miles and ended up walking a 1/2 mile the rest of the way home.  Now both calves hurt.  I’ve got some rehab to do.