Review: Mythos Thermo Tights, by Gore

Yesterday I dropped by the Wasatch Running Center and picked up a pair of Gore Mythos Running Tights.  I’ve been running in some black tights that I found at Costco and, to be honest, they’re not bad.  But I needed something more for some super cold days we’ve been having.

Here’s how it went:

Day 1

This morning I started off on a short run.  The first mile wasn’t too bad, but I could feel the cold for a while.  However, after the first 9 minutes (these are slow miles, these days) I really warmed up.  In fact, my legs became an afterthought because my chest was freezing!  Looks like I need to figure out some better clothing for the upstairs.

Three miles, while felt like about three miles

So the good news is that my energy is coming back.  It’s nice to be back to the point where I want to run.  It wasn’t easy (and, frankly, maybe it was a little harder than 3 miles), but at least my pace time is dropping (without extra exertion) and I’m starting to feel more like myself.

There was a point in the last mile where I actually felt pretty good.

Edit, later in the day:  I should mention that my calves were pretty sore before I even started this run.  They were sore after, as well.  It’s 6:29 pm, now, and I’m considering a run in the morning…they feel better.

First run since Dec 17th

Yesterday I finally mustered up the energy for a two mile run.  I drive down to the Provo River Parkway Trail so that I could actually enjoy what little of a run I did.

The first 1/2 mile was slow and I actually wondered if I should just cut it short and do a mile.  But I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with that, so I turned around at the mile point for a two mile run.  It was exhausting and when I got back to the truck, if felt like 6-7 miles.  It was brutal.

However, it felt good to smell the Provo River and to be back on the trail.  I coughed a bit and spit up some more bits of the pneumonia, but recovered fairly well, which I think means I can stretch it out a bit on Monday and go for three miles.

I almost forgot to mention:  When I woke up today (the day after my two mile run), I was sore.  It’s almost embarrassing that I can’t even run two miles without getting sore.  Crazy how fast you lose it.

First walk since my bout with pneumonia

I just received my new Suunto Ambit 2 GPS triathlon/exploring watch, yesterday.  Naturally today, I felt like taking it out for a spin.  So I started my time and started a walk around OC Tanner.

By the time I finished one mile, I was exhausted.  My back was a bit sore during the walk, but it feels ok.  But the main issues was how much that one mile walk took out of me.  It’s a little embarrassing to admit that I don’t know if I can run one mile without stopping.

The last three weeks (and now almost a month) of sickness has really messed me up.  I’ve gone from PRing a marathon and 1/2 marathon time, to being utterly helpless when it comes down to a simple jog.

The good news is that I don’t think I set myself back by walking a mile.  Walking might just be the thing I need to get myself back into shape.  I can’t wait until I can PR again.

One year older; five years younger

I won’t keep you in suspense.  I’ll explain the title of this post.  Today is my birthday, but this last year I felt younger.  I dropped 20 pounds, increased my running speed, became competitive, set some challenging goals, and that was just the physical stuff.

This year a few things happened that have clearly gone my way.  The first and best thing, is that Wendy is pregnant with a baby boy.  This is a dream come true.  I’ve waited my whole life to have a son.  Now, to be clear:  I LOVE my daughters.  I wouldn’t trade the order of my family, or who’s in it.  But there is something about a father having a son.  The Nelson name can continue on; there is a strength that can be lent to me as I get old.  Etceteras.

This year the girls started a Portuguese Immersion program, which is just too cool.  They are going to pick up a language that will benefit them in so many ways.  Lucy has become a help around the house.  She is eager to learn and to show what she’s learned.

Wendy has battled sickness and is carrying on like a champ as her pregnancy wears on.  I don’t have any desire to see what it’s like to be pregnant.

I bought a truck and a gun this year.  So I’ve taken a small step toward becoming more of That Guy, whomever he is.

Today will be a different day from my last birthday.  While it’s true that I’m in better shape than I was as this time, last year, I also currently have pneumonia.  So there will be no -3 degrees ice run on Utah Lake.  Also it’s Sunday.  So it looks as though the running on my birthday tradition will give in to the Sabbath and sickness.  Sometimes traditions are only as good as they make sense.

Anyway, it’s been a great year.  I told Wendy, today, that for some reason, I really look forward to getting older.  I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’ve really tried to take care of my body.  Compared to many of my friends, I have a very young body for my age.  I get this from my dad, who, at the age of 73, looks and moves like a 60-year old.  We age young as Nelsons.

I am very much looking forward to my last year in my 30’s and look forward to see if I can drop a little more weight and run a little bit faster.  I love my family, my church, my life.  I hope I can live up to the blessings I’ve been so generously given.

Here’s to a great 39th year!