Dogs. Why'd it have to be dogs?

Ran 3 miles, today. It was uncomfortable. Slight pelvic pain (like, a level “3”), but pushed through some of it. Walked quite a bit, which was sort of frustrating.

On the way to the Provo River Trail, a couple of dogs, which were not leashed ran into the road and started chasing me. They were small dogs, so they were cautious. But every single time I turned away from them, they’d start chasing, again.

On the way back it was the same thing. Those two stupid dogs were chasing me. Would have pissed me off if it were yesterday, when I was running for time.

Next time, the owners will hear from me.

Back to it and strengthening + 30 day plank challenge

This morning I ran 4.01 in 0:34:23, for a pace of 0:8:35.  More pelvic pressure, but no hip stress.

Tonight I did some pelvic drops (which I remember Tim  showed me last year), a 40 second plank and several other below-the-waist strengthening exercises.

Also I signed up for the St George Marathon, today.  I think they draw on the 10th of May, so it’ll be a while before I find out if we (Dad, Patrick, Nancy and Charlie Passantino) got in.