Advair, part 2

I can’t remember when I first started taking Advair. The days of inhalers, pills and Dr visits run together. I’ve taken it the same way, every time: Click the lever to the side and quick inhale. Then off to work or bed (twice a day).

I ran out of the long-lasting drug, which is used to control my asthma. Within two days of not taking it, I started feeling a bit sick. Allergies kicked in and asthma started in on me.

But I didn’t go out and get more Advair. It’s 100 bucks a month, plus I noticed that my singing range increased in those couple of non-Advair days. After reading a bit online, I realized that I hadn’t been rinsing and gargling water to get all of the powder out of my mouth and throat.

I bought another Diskus and started up with Advair again. I’m feeling a bit better, but have noticed that, so far, my voice sounds better than it did, pre-rinse days.

Will continue to track this.

The barn- kicking out the string, stakes, rototiling and regret

Yesterday morning (President’s Day) I skipped my run. I wasn’t feeling it and decided instead to just start in on the barn.

I began by taking a shovel and carefully digging off a top layer of grass, knocking the grass against my shovel until the dirt came loose, then tossing the grassy sod into a bucket. At the rate I was going, I’d have been done in approx. forever. Roxie and Reagan helped me do this, but in the end, we were moving too slow. It took about two hours to complete a 2×16 area.

So I changed my strategy and decided to rototill the ground, instead. My neighbor, Norm came over and helped me for a couple of hours (he lent me the tiller). We got the area tilled and the grass out.

After he left, I turned the sprinklers on to locate the sprinkler line in the barn area. The head had been clipped off when we tilled it. It would have been smart for me to just mark it, but…I didn’t. When the water came spurting out of the ground, turned the water off and started digging. Found the line, followed it out of the area and marked it. Now I can cap off that line and make sure there is no water running under the area.

Next step: Filling in the holes and leveling the ground.

Ground is now tilled and grass is removed (most is on the sides, are you can see). Sprinkler is located at north side of barn area and now just need to fill back in the holes and level this sucker out. After it’s leveled, I think we can start forms, some rock, then cement.


The barn- figuring out dimensions, style, some questions for mark regarding sizes

For a few years, I have toyed with the idea of building my own shed/barn/whatever. I’m tired of driving down to Lakeview Storage, paying a monthly fee for storage.

Also I’d love to gain more skills and knowledge, regarding building/construction. What better way than to make a million mistakes in my backyard, on an expensive barn?

So here we go…

Provo city requires that a shed on residential property:
-be fewer than 200 square feet
-3 feet inside of property line
-6 feet away from residence
-no more than 12 feet high

Require city approval?
Barn/loft style
Ceiling lighting

Sheds I like:

Shed floor: makes an argument for keeping the floor off of the ground. Seems expensive, though.


Mistakes that can be made:

Questions for Mark:
For a 10 x 20 size shed, do I need 4 or 6 posts (or 8?) in the ground?
Are these reasonable dimensions for a shed (will I constantly have extra pieces of 2 x 6 boards, etc?

A better (but slower) day on the River Trail

Ran 4, ran slow, ran comfortable.

I almost didn’t go. Woke up feeling pretty tired and my hamstring ached (more on this, later). The run started innocently enough. I started off quite slow (0:9:30 or so) and let me speed naturally build up (at points I was comfortably running 0:7:45).

To be totally honest, the only thing really holding me back from a good, solid run is my left hamstring. Usually after a run it aches and throbs a bit. But today, I took the time to sit down after my run and stretch it out. It really didn’t hurt too bad after I did that. I’ve avoided stretching, though, just in case it’s a pulled muscle. But based on today’s results, I’ll try to stretch it out and see where things go from there.

One of those (crappy) days

When I woke up, I didn’t feel great, but I didn’t feel bad, either. Sort of blah. Left side of calf was pretty sore from Saturday’s Shoreline run. My back is still trying to recover from the last month of abuse.

So I started off and tried to find a rhythm. SPOILER ALERT: I NEVER FIND MY RHYTHM. I started off at a 0:9:00 minute pace, which is fine, I guess…but I never really improved. Never really felt warmed up. Five miles felt like a chore, so I settled for four…which also felt like a chore.

It was just one of those days. My hamstring wasn’t too messed up. The air quality on UtahAir App reported something like 10, which is “good” according to the app. I’ll start tracking this number when we’re dealing with an inversion.