Roxie finishes Genesis

Roxie poses for her Dad, showing where she left off last, in the Old Testament.

For about a week, now, Roxie has been building up “something” that she’s been working on, for me.

So on Sunday, she told me that she was ready to tell me what it was. She then announced that she’d read the entire Book of Genesis.


Yes, the entire book. I asked her what she liked about it. She explained to be in brief detail, that the book of genesis deals with Isaac and his father, something about corn, etc. She is actually paying attention to the story. She made no mention of having a hard time understanding Old English, etc. I think Roxie has the potential to really become versed in the gospel and to be able to explain it.

Wendy told her that maybe her next book should be the Book of Mormon, but I told her that if she’s ok with the OT, let her roll. If you can read the OT, you can read anything.


Turning 40, physically speaking

it wasn’t as painful as you might have guessed. I’ve looked forward to this age for…a few years now. Of course there is the normal apprehension and realization that life isn’t stopping, that someday this mortal clay will return to the earth.

But otherwise I’m very happy that at the age of 26 I took up the practice of running. I know I’ve slowed down the aging process by doing so. Sometimes this is complicated by the fact that I am frequently laid up with an overuse injury, or just a running-related injury.

However, comparing where I am at, with where I was at the age of 26, I know that even though my body is conceding, ever so slightly to age, my physical abilities have only increased.

I guess I should be specific. I don’t mean that I can run as fast as I did at the start of my running career. I am referring to endurance. I am able to outlast my 26 year old self. I can run farther and with more endurance than my 26 year old self.

I don’t know that I’ll ever run a 6 minute mile, or another. 40:20 10k, but I am pretty sure that if I put myself to it, I can hit this 50 mile Pony Express at the end of the year. 

Maybe, someday, I can even complete 100 miles in a race.

The barn- screw cement; we’re going gravel

Two ton of rock is now dumped on my thick landscaping material.

Ok, cement is just too much stress. Can’t figure out a cost-efficient way to get it to the backyard without tearing up neighbors’ grass and fences. Mixing it myself appears to be too complicated for a 12×16′ section. So we are going wood foundation. Maybe cement for a barn, some other day.

Left work a bit early to get to Geneva Rock before they close (4 pm close?) Found driving around the place a bit complicated for a guy like me. Huge piles of sand and rock. Easy for me to get turned around. This is strictly a “me” issue. No one else I know would every have this problem.

Watched a front-loader dump two tons of 3/4 rock into Norm Beagley’s trailer, rocks bouncing everywhere, including toward my truck! I still think my truck is new (It’s almost two yrs old).

Very carefully navigated an overloaded trailer (one tire is bulging) back home. Expertly backed it up and then jury-rigged the trailer up so that I could take my truck (with Lucy, Roxie and Reagan) to Lowes to get some heavy landscaping material.

Used the Beagley’s wheelbarrow to move all two tons of rock to the barn’s site. Took about three hours. Lots of work. Reminded me of working with my dad and brother, Courtney.

Finally have most of my rock (pretty sure I’ll need more). Left a bit of space so that I can bring some conduit up into the floor spacing on the ground, for water and electric.

Next: Trench for water and electrical, spread rock, determine how much more I need.