Wise Guy, the book

I am a huge fan of the movie Goodfellas. Hence, I finally had to read this book. It was just as disturbing, violent, and real as the movie was. I found myself horrified by and fascinated by the scenes described in this book. Loved it. I’ll probably never read it again. For some reason, I re-watch more than I re-read.

A run- feels like the first time

This morning I woke up early (have been, since the light has hit earlier, now) and went for a run. A job. A winded, tough, humbling jog.

The last time I had run was on the 6th of April, down in St. George. As I lumbered down the street, I felt lethargic, tired, heavy, stiff…old. I am out of shape. I have this idea, though, that if I keep running this week, I should see some marked improvement. I’m not so far out that I have to run for weeks or months to get back to my normal self…I think.

But my pace was bad. A 0:9:17. Not good for me. It’s clear that I need to get myself into the swing of things, again. We’ll see how much longer it takes.

I still have the hamstring issue. It’ll be interesting to see if it causes a real problem, or if it’s a temporary thing I deal with. It’s been a thing for over a year, now. Maybe I need deep tissue massage…

The barn- from start to finish…

The barn- roofing with Dad

Dad and I did about 2/3 of this roof, but when Mark showed up, things went fast. 🙂

Weather has been threatening for a few days. On Saturday I knew we were going to be in for a bit of rain, so we hurried to finish up the barn’s roof. We made good progress.

The pattern on the West side of the barn is what we got when we put up the roof my way. Random, no care for order of shingles.

The pattern on the East side of the barn is my Dad’s doing. He worked hard to find shingles that would continue a certain pattern. In the end, I think it looks fine, either way.

The barn- felt on, drip edge complete

Last night involved sporadic work. There was no 3-4 hours to dedicate to this project. I was able to squeeze in an hour to finish up the felt with Matt and get drip edge on the top of the barn. Patrick also dropped by to pick up Mark’s framing gun and staple gun. Thankfully, though, he dropped off a gun for the roofing. Then I rushed off to scouts.

I took Jackson with me, but he was teething or something, because he could not be consoled. So after watching a few kids bowl at Fat Cats (where we held our activity), I took Jackson home and put him to bed.

And then went back out to the barn, where I finished up more drip edge. Matt showed up, faithful to the project as always, and we finished up the remaining drip edge and felt. We did our best to really cover the felt tarpaper, because weather is coming in and I just don’t have any concept of how long it will take to shingle the roof.

What’s left:
-Corner molding

The barn- getting the drip edge on the eaves, half of the felt paper is up!

Yesterday I got a few things done with Matt and Chris Tubbs’ help. We managed to get the eaves’ drip edge on and half of the roofing felt.

It wasn’t too bad, getting the drip edge up. Getting the angles cut properly turned out to be the most challenging thing. I’m not sure I did some of it right, because if I bring drip edge down the rake side, I’m not positive that it’ll properly cover the eaves’ drip edge.

Putting the felt down was interesting. I didn’t expect it to be so thick, which made it more sturdy, but harder to manipulate as we tried to lay it down, turn it over, etc.

All in all, I’m happy with what we got done. However, I’m concerned about pending weather. I don’t have a lot of time, this week, so I need this paper to hold until I can start on the shingles.


Todd McLellan parts ways from Sharks

For about a week (or more), it’s been rumored that Todd McLellan might be leaving the Sharks, either mutually or not. I’m not sure how this really played out, but it’s a bummer. I’ve really enjoyed having him lead the team and hope that we can find a terrific replacement.