The barn- Gigabit

My Google Fiber wireless has been pretty spotty for me in the barn, so I knew I’d have to come up with a solution. On Wednesday I tried hooking up another wireless Linksys router in the house, but it was still too weak to be of any use.

Last night I managed to run cat5e from the Jacksons’s closet, out through the existing Google Fiber hole that leads to the outside. Ran it around the backyard and drilled a hold in the bottom of the barn and ran it through. Tested the connection. Even with all of that line, I’m still reaching nearly GIG speeds.

Very, very happy about this.

The 9% project- day 11

I haven’t reported in, in a couple of days. It’s been very hectic and stressful at work, so it’s been hard to do anything except concentrate on non-fun-related issues. Not that dieting is fun…

The last couple of days have been particularly difficult for me to keep obeying the rules of this diet. I had to work from 8 pm on Saturday night, until 3:30 am on Sunday morning…at work, there were donuts, delicious meals and treats served…I was hungry the entire time. I must have had three Peros and several other drinks.

Yesterday (Sunday) I did ok, but I ate a little too much for dinner. Wendy made some delicious curry, which I sort of indulged on. But overall this weekend was a success, because I didn’t gain anything. I almost always gain on the weekend. But not this time.

Running on empty

Location: Provo River Trail
Miles: 4
Time: 38:50
Pace: 0:9:41
Temp:  48º
Weather: Light sprinkling, cloudy, cool
People I saw: None
Pain/injuries: Left hamstring, although when I got home after stretching, it felt better.
Post run weight: 175.5

Notes: I woke up at 5:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I started early. My run was done early enough that I was able to catch the Northbound Frontrunner by 7:30 am. But that has nothing to do with my run.

I have been hungry, almost every minute since I started this diet. It’s been 8 days since I started and it’s been difficult. I’ve been cutting off food around 6 pm and only drinking fluids after that.

As of this morning, I’m down to 175.5 (post-run) and I guess that’s ok. If I don’t lose at least 5-8 pounds within the next three weeks, it might be a little discouraging.

A very weak run…

Location: Provo River Trail
Miles: 4
Time: 35:14
Pace: 0:8:47
Temp:  45º
Weather: Cloudy, cool, perfect
People I saw: This one lady who runs slow, but I can never catch on the way back…
Pain/injuries: Less pain than yesterday. No real hip pain. Good stretching afterward. I continue to have butt/hamstring issues on my left side.

Notes: With this diet that I’m on, it’s hard to find energy. Once I get down to my goal weight (160?), I’ll be able to eat a little more and probably boost that level of energy back up.

The 9% project- day 8

I’m weak. I know I’m probably doing this wrong. When I went for my four mile run, I just didn’t have energy. I probably need to either eat more or eat something before my run. I don’t want to lose muscle; just fat.

The good news is that I’m down to 175.5, this morning (178.5, last night). This is down from 185 on last Wednesday.

Hungry…I’ll be able to eat in an hour, once I arrive in SLC…

The 9% project- day 6

I’m on the Frontrunner train, almost a week into this hunger protest.

My friend, Jazmine, just told me that she dropped five pounds. I don’t think I’ve done that. Unless I weighed in at a heavy part of the day on Wednesday. But tomorrow I’ll be 25% through this thing. If I’m not down a few pounds, that might be a little discouraging.

I guess I’ve noticed that I have a little more energy. I wake up earlier than my alarm (I always do this, but I’m waking up a good 30 minutes earlier than normal.)

For breakfast, I polished off the last of Sunday’s Mother’s Day Jimmy Dean Hot sausage. It was delicious. Now I have to pay for it. Technically it’s within the diet, but I know I should have just thrown it out.

If I’m really good, today, I hope that tomorrow I weight in and find I’m below 180. That would be a win.

A run with the brave, brave ducks…

Location: Provo River Trail
Miles: 4
Time: 0:32:51
Pace: 0:8:12
Temp:  31º
Weather: Clear…a bit chilly
People I saw: Kathy Schultz
Pain/injuries: The usual left hamstring stuff. Later in the day I’m feeling a bit of pain on my right hip, where my belt overlays.

Notes: I couldn’t help but notice that, in the last few runs, the ducks are no longer moving for me. They are watching me closely, but they are staying on the path, about 3 feet away, as I run by them. It’s brazen.

This was my most successful run in a month. I ran a decent pace, had good energy, and made it home in time to stretch and cool down before I got ready for work. Can’t ask for much more than that.

I know that, from this hip pain, I need to get back to strengthening. Leg lifts, etc.