Bishop David Willian passes away…

Mom just called to let me know that Bishop Willian passed away on Saturday.

It was my privilege to know Bishop Willian. He was a close friend of my Dad’s, and so he was a close friend of the family. He worked on my teeth, tightened my braces, fished with me and my brother and my dad.

My view of a bishop’s infallibility was shattered on a fishing trip, when after catching his line in the tree, uttered “Oh, crap.” I immediately related to the man.

I took care of watering his plants and shrubs for a week, up Skyway Road, once. I would bike from the deli, up to his house. I’d water the plants, then bike back to Chico.

Bishop Willian was a good man and I hope he’s happier on the other side of life, now that he can function as he used to when I knew him.

We’ll miss you, Bishop.

Just felt a flicker of competitiveness…

This morning, I hopped off of Frontrunner and started walking with the throng toward TRAX. 

For a moment, as I passed people (all of us, walking), I imagined I was passing people in a race. I imagined energy, stamina and ease.

Weighing in at 169 this morning has really gone to my head.

Reflecting on four weeks without added sugar, fried foods, and eating past 7:30 pm (Yet the 9% project continues…)

On May 7th, at 10:10 pm, I started a 30 day (ish) food-lifestyle change. I stopped eating added sugar (as much as I knew how to), no fried foods, no eating after 7:30 pm. The first week was very difficult.

I started at 185 lbs and very quickly lost seven pounds. After that, it’s come off very slowly. I’ve been running and eating well (right) for about a month. I am now down to 170.5, as of this morning. Seems pretty obvious that I’ve had some success. I’m guessing that my true weight starting off was around 182 and that I’m on the high side of 170.5 right now. All in all, I’ve probably lost about 10 pounds this last month. Pretty good.

One thing that has been sort of fun, today, is that my Nassau Bahamas shirt actually fits me, without trying to strangle my stomach. As far as I can remember, that is a first. It’s a large, but it’s really more like a medium. When I’m done with myself, I hope to comfortable wear a small shirt.