The Girls have their first cross country meet (2k distance)

I have to admit- this race took me by surprise. I knew the girls had a race, but I’d sort of forgotten that it was yesterday, until the day before. So we got rushed for time.

I tried to feed Jackson and a 1/2 bowl of cereal to the girls (next time we’re doing bagels), but it was a real mess. Wendy had gone to the store to get a few things, so I was rushing around, trying to get the kids ready.

We headed over to the Kiwanis Park field and I registered the girls. Then I had a pep talk with them (and Sophie and Natalia Puertes). I told them to not go out too fast, to run like crazy when they hear my shout “GO!” and to have fun. But it took me about 5 minutes of talking to convey this. I was nervous.

They started the older kids (and a few adults that I saw) in the first wave. After that race was complete, it was the kid’s turn. The gun went off for the second time (sending Jackson into hysterics for a second time) and it was on.

Roxie and Reagan played their cards well. They stayed in the middle of the pack, had great arm swing (Lucy also has great arm swing) and frankly looked like little runners. I had a vision of them in college running and looking very similar to what I saw at this race. These races will probably be a highlight of my parenting career.

At some point, Roxie was in front of Reagan, but I guess a boy was on the ground, hurting (Roxie says his “bottom hurt”- ok), so Roxie stopped to assist. What can I say? This is Roxie’s nature (and, frankly, mine too). I can’t tell her to not help someone. Good for her.

But it hurt her race. Reagan took the lead on Roxie and finished before all three girls. I was proud of Reagan, though, because she has a tendency to stop running when she’s uncomfortable. But not yesterday. She was solid and seemed to give it everything she had.

Lucy. *sigh* Lucy Lucy Lucy. Lucy walked quite a bit and it wasn’t until Roxie and Reagan’s race ended, that I was able to track her down to encourage her. I ran with her and shouted encouragement. She seemed to be happy to see me and run with me. When she did run, though, she looked like a natural. I’m not sure how, but I need to teach Lucy to run through some discomfort.

I am that parent, I guess.

When it was over, I interviewed the girls on camera. I want them to be able to see themselves in their first cross country meet. If they stick with running and learn to love it as I do, our family will always have something to talk about.