Helltown. Cemetery. 6.66.

Location: Centerville Road
Miles: 13.1
Time: 2:29:20
Pace: 0:11:22
Temp:  30º
Weather: Sun, Hail, Snow, Rain
People I saw: One guy, walking a dog
Pain/injuries: None
Weight: So, so fat.

Notes: Started off this run with a small piece of Mom’s homemade bread. Everything was relatively easy through mile five. Some hills, but nothing too hard.

It’s notable to mention that, as I made my way close to Helltown, I stopped to take a picture of a the Centerville Cemetery. As I did so, I happened to notice how many accumulated miles I had on my watch…6.66. Uh…weird.

As I climbed out of purgatory, things became interesting. I ran into all manner of weather at this point. Rain. Wind. Fog. Thunder and lightening. Hail. Lots of hail. I’d started off this run a little warm, but things had gotten chilly from about mile 7 and on.

From the point where the road turns to gravel and dirt, I did not see one soul on the road. It was peaceful. But after I ran into Nimshew Road, I turned right, instead of left, which would have led me to the Skyway (and eventually, to my cousin Sherron’s house.)

My phone rang, just as I was starting to really get cold. My dad was trying to find me. Between the two of us, we determined that I’d gone off course. He told me that he was going to pick me up and I didn’t complain. When he finally arrived, the car was a welcome sight.

All told, I ran 13.1 miles, climbing for 2,497 feet. This was a tough one.

A cold, emotional run with the girls

Location: Bonneville Shoreline Trail
Miles: 5.5
Time: 59:25
Pace: 0:10:42
Temp:  25º
Weather: Cold, clear, some breeze
People I saw: One person, down below at the bottom of the canyon. We waved at each other.
Pain/injuries: Shockingly, my hamstring doth protest
Weight: Tremors

Notes: This was pretty tough. When it’s dark and chilly, sometimes I just lose concentration. So I didn’t have too much trouble getting south on the trail, but when I turned around, I couldn’t remember the logical way back north. So I ended up doing a little digging to find my way out of the little park at Slate Canyon.

I must have seen at least 4 rabbits on the trail. Hands were freezing. I wonder how many seasons I’ve sworn to stop using my Asics gloves, but use them, anyway. They’re too tight and they provide little insulation when they’re so constricting.

Snow is making its way onto the trail. Ran through a little bit of it, but it’s no big deal.


Running with Matt in the snow on the Provo River Trail

Location: Provo River Trail
Miles: 5
Time: 49:53
Pace: 0:9:57
Temp:  30º
Weather: Snowy, cool, wet
People I saw: Ran with Matt, saw Michael
Pain/injuries: None
Weight: Utah Valley

Notes: This run was born when Matt texted me last night, to ask if I was running on Monday morning. From there, it was pretty much set in stone.

We started off at a comfortable clip, around 0:11:00 a mile, and then slowed a bit, since Matt is getting back into running (if I have anything to do with it). We chatted and enjoyed the snow (I will say, this was some pretty wet snow) as we ran.

At the 2 mile mark, Matt turned around and I continued on to get my goal of five miles a day in. I met Matt later on the trail and we headed back in.

From Strava, I can’t help but notice that Matt cut down his pace by about two minutes a mile from his last run, which is pretty remarkable. I’m pretty sure that if he wanted to, he could get to where he could run a 10 minute mile comfortably.

Runnin’ 4 miles, like a gangsta’

Location: Provo River Trail
Miles: 4
Time: 42:45
Pace: 0:10:23
Temp:  19º
Weather: Cold, frosty, clear
People I saw: Jane, Roxie, Reagan
Pain/injuries: None
Weight: Titanic

Notes: Last night I was nervous to even say anything. But the girls had already told me they wanted to go, so I broke the news to Wendy. “The girls want to go with me, tomorrow. We’ll be going four miles.”


But Wendy was a good sport and got all of their clothes together, anyway.

I woke up at 5 am and tried to sleep, but it was off any on. Finally my alarm coaxed me out of bed and I woke the girls. Both wanted to run. Weird kids.

I walked over to the back sliding glass door to see what my outdoor thermometer reported. 19º. Uh oh. This could go any which way. I started to wonder if this was not ok, taking my kids out four miles in this cold weather.

We all got dressed, and snuck through the back door to ensure that no one else was awoken. Once outside, it was just incredible how cold it felt. I’ve gotten soft. It’s been a while. And the girls never, ever go out in anything less than full winter attire, when it’s below 30.

It was mostly uneventful, except for one unfortunate problem: Roxie and Reagan accidentally were wearing each other’s leggings. So every 1/2 mile or so, Roxie would complain that her tights and underwear were falling down. So we’d stop and I’d help pull them up, then we’d continue.

At mile 1.5, the girls excitedly recognized the landmark and knew they were running past their previous distance. At mile 2, I pointed out to them the clump of dirt that always marks 2 miles for me. At this point we turned around and started to head back.

I kept asking the girls if they were ok and if they were cold. Roxie reported that her face was cold, but I told her that was ok, as long as her legs and chest were warm enough. She said they were, so I didn’t worry too much.

Once we were on the homestretch, both Reagan and Roxie were slowing down. They were finally tired by distance. I think we found a good place to cap the distance (except for the Chico Nelson Turkey Trot, which is five miles on Thanksgiving). I don’t think I’ll take them any farther than 4 miles for a morning run. Maybe next year I’ll let them go farther, but I think that they’re fine running between 3-4 miles at a time.

As we walked into the house, I told them that this was my favorite part of a winter run- warming up after having run outside in the cold. They agreed. Once inside, they were greeted by the rest of the family. They seemed happy and content with their accomplishment.

I am so proud of Roxie and Reagan, for running so well and strong and not complaining one bit about the distance or cold!

Extra note: I really regret not having taken their picture on the trail. I forgot, I think, because of all of the stopping for leggings adjustments.

Stretching out the Shoreline…

Location: Bonneville Shoreline Trail
Miles: 5
Time: 50:46
Pace: 0:10:06
Temp:  27º
Weather: Clear, chilly, crisp
People I saw: Becky Reynolds, Bob
Pain/injuries: None, actually felt good for as much gain/loss
Weight: Orca


5:30 am: Decided that today was a great day to take off. There is no need for more miles, as I will get them in just fine this week, as long as I run long on Sat.

5:45 am: Angrily sat up and started putting my clothes together for a run.

In the first 1/8 mile, realized that, once again, I’ve neglected to bring gloves. Again.

This run went rather smoothly and, frankly, was beautiful. The mountains are pink with the sun hitting fresh snow. I saw somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 deer jumping up the mountain, which is always a little amazing to me. Deer are such wonderful mountain climbers.

Bob showed up late on my run (I was early), so it was fun to catch him farther down the trail. Friendly exchanges and we’re on our way, again. We’ll see each other next Tuesday, probably.

Instead of continuing to climb up until the trail disappears, which leaves me with nothing but feelings of heading back to finish a just-over-4 mile run, I decided to let gravity drag me down to the Slate Canyon parking lot area (not sure what this place is really called). I spotted an electrical line, which usually signifies the Shoreline’s elevation. Once I made my way a little south, I was able to easily make my way back on to the BST and continue on.

I tried to come back the way I came, but with it being a little dark, plus my rotten memory, I wasn’t able to exactly match up with my outgoing trip. But I could feel my way back to where the Bonneville Shoreline heads North and did so without any real problem.

The last mile was a joy. I hate saying this, because I hate that phrase. But it was incredible. I felt great, even adding this mile and all of the up and down I’d endured.

One thing I did differently: I took my time on the uphills and really tried to go faster on the down (except when there wasn’t enough light.) At one point I sort of twisted my ankle, but recovered nicely without any real pain. Sort of lucky on that one.

At the end of the path I saw Becky Reynolds with a couple of friends. She told me that they hike the Y about 3 times a week, which impressed me. Nicely done, Becky!

Running down the dark path to see if it’s still scary

Location: Provo River Trail
Miles: 5
Time: 0:43:51
Pace: 0:8:43
Temp:  33º
Weather: Cloudy, light snow, cool
People I saw: Jane, Angela, Nichole
Pain/injuries: Ham
Weight: ?? (Large?)

Mandatory post-run selfie.Notes: This was a nice run. However, I’m starting to really long for the Bonneville Shoreline days. The Provo River Trail is nice, but the BST is an adventure. No offense, PRT.


A drizzly, light snow run and meeting Bob

Location: Bonneville Shoreline Trail
Miles: 3.5
Time: 35:38
Pace: 0:10:02
Temp:  37º
Weather: Drizzly snow, overcast, chilly, beautiful
People I saw: Bob the Bike Guy
Pain/injuries: Nothing new to report
Weight: Fat

IMG_4670 IMG_4672Notes: The purpose of today’s run was to figure out the easiest way to continue south on the BST. I failed in that regard, but at least I now know one more way that doesn’t work. At one point, I came across another runner with a dog, who’s eyes flashed in my headlamp’s path. Sort of freaked me out for a second until I could make out the owner’s silhouette.

For the last 1/2 mile, I ran faster, to see how my energy would hold. I was fine, but I’m wondering if I’d be better off running intervals on this trail from time to time. Maybe bomb down the hills and chug up them.

I should have brought gloves. I was fine, but my hands got a little cold so I wrapped them up in the sleeves of my Paradox top.

A morning run with Roxie and Reagan

Location: Provo River Trail
Miles: 3.1
Time: 33:48
Pace: 0:10:52
Temp:  45º
Weather: Cool, got colder, pleasant
People I saw: Roxie, Reagan, Jane
Pain/injuries: None.
Weight: A lot

Notes: Well, this was one for the books. On Saturday, Roxie kept pestering me that she wanted to go on a morning run with me. I finally gave in and told her that, if she was ready in the morning on Monday, I’d take her.

She reminded me, again, on Sunday, at which point, Reagan also asked if she could join me for a run on Monday. I explained to Reagan that she’d have to be ready to go and that I’d be happy to take her.

I woke Roxie up at 6:05 am and asked her if she still wanted to run. She sat up immediately and acknowledged her interest. I told her she couldn’t say or whisper anything and to hang on.

Reagan did the same thing. She sleeps deeper than Roxie does, so I thought she might turn me down. Nope. She wanted to run, too. So now I’ve got both girls quietly putting their clothes on. We slipped out the back door, wordlessly, and off we went.

The girls take the lead on the Provo River Trail
Running behind the girls worked well. I could sort of keep an eye on them, while my headlamp flooded the trail in front of all of us.

The first mile consisted of the girls excitedly asking me questions and jabbering: “Dad, where’s lights that come on automatically, that you keep telling us about?” “How far are we going to go?” “It’s so dark!”

At one point, their chatter was punctuated by the dog that barks and freaks out us runners, somewhere on 2770 West. Both girls jumped off the sidewalk onto the road. Reagan had grabbed me and Roxie had grabbed Reagan. It was pretty funny.

As we entered the Provo River Trail, the girls were –and I never use this word, but it fits– DELIGHTED at the ducks quacking at us. They kept yelling out their good mornings and hellos at them as we ran along the path.

One of the things we discussed, was whether I’d let the girls run this trail alone. I told them I wouldn’t, but that, when they are older, they could run together on the trail, or with one of their friends.

Sun is coming up as the girls finish their first 3 mile run!
Neither girl would admit that she was a little bit tired…but I suspect we were sort of pushing things. Both girls were thrilled to hit their farthest distance of 3.1 miles. These girls are ready to lay down a 5k race.

I kept asking the girls if they were tired or if we were going to fast, but they were fine. We ran along and greeted Jane as she passed us. She seemed happy to see the girls out on a run with me. We finally ran to the 1.5 mark where the train opens up into a parking lot and then continues on. Here we turned around and headed back.

Daylight was breaking and the girls seemed to love how the world looked as we ran eastward along the trail. It really was beautiful and for me, there isn’t much of anything better in the world, than sharing a morning run with my family. As we turned onto Lakeshore, one of the girls asked me why we didn’t go the other way on the trail (toward the mountain). I explained that I just don’t like that part of the path, nearly as much.



When snow gets in your eyes

Location: Bonneville Shoreline Trail
Miles: 4
Time: 43:34
Pace: 0:10:53
Temp:  37º
Weather: Cloudy, falling snow, beautiful.
People I saw: Bike dude, a couple of younger runners
Pain/injuries: Just the ham
Weight: 181 (GEEZ)

Notes: This was a great run. I didn’t traverse the rock slide…I’m not sure I want to, anymore. It’s bad for the trail. Instead, if I want to go farther than 2 miles south, in the future, I’ll double back and continue on a lower trail. It’s more work, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, anyway.

I weigh way too much. This needs to be addressed. Probably not today, though.

A cooler run with Dustin Fuller

Location: Provo River Trail
Miles: 5
Time: 00:43:00-ish
Pace: 0:8:36
Temp:  35º
Weather: Cloudy, foggy, dark, beautiful
People I saw: Jane, Dustin, Adrienne
Pain/injuries: Left hammy- nothing new
Weight: 178

Notes: Ran down to the 15 mph sign at the marina, met Dustin and ran back with him. For the last .3 miles, we ran a 0:7:15 pace, just for fun.

My hands were cold on this one. Probably time to break out the gloves for runs under 40 degrees. Still comfortable in shorts and long-sleeved shirts.