Chasing rabbits on an icy, 10 degree run

Location: Provo River Trail
Miles: 4
Time: 35:07
Pace: 0:8:44
Temp:  10º
Weather: Cold, not icy
People I saw: Jane, Nichole, Angela
Pain/injuries: Hamstring, but not as bad as yesterday
Weight: 184, pre-run

Notes: This was a decent run. Ran faster than I have been. The no-ice situation helped, greatly. At some point, I chased an animal as I ran West toward the lake. I could barely see it. It might have been a rabbit.

It was hard to keep a pace. I’m definitely a bit out of shape. I feel good now that I’m on the train. Also my hamstring stretch was a little more rigorous than normal, but it felt really good.

QA testing Nathan’s lungs

Location: Provo River Trail
Miles: 4
Time: 36:14
Pace: 0:9:00
Temp:  19º
Weather: Cloudy/clear
Air Quality: Green
People I saw: Jane
Pain/injuries: Left hamstring soreness
Weight: 185 (guessing)

Notes: Stepping outside, it wasn’t fun getting used to the cold, again. But within about 1/2 mile, my chest and arms were warm enough. My legs were warm on the inside, chilled on the outside. It was definitely runnable weather.

My lungs were unhappy through this run. Even now, on the train, I can still feel the tightness. I’m not back to 100%, but I’d say I’m at 80% and not susceptible to getting sick again (relapsing.) I’m not saying that I won’t get sick again, but not from this past illness.

I never really fell into a rhythm and I was slow. Nothing felt great, but I did feel good knowing I was doing the right thing by getting out. The fun part of running will take some time to return, but until then it’s something that I need to do.

I saw Jane out on the trail and I let her know that the next time she sees me, I might be wearing a mask for pollution. I just didn’t want to freak her out because this mask Wendy bought me is a little intimidating. People call me “Bane” when I wear it.

Roxie indicts parents for stealing tithing

On Sunday, which was Fast Sunday, Roxie got up to bear her testimony. I couldn’t really tell where she was going with her point, but she finally told the Provo Parkway 4th Ward that some money was missing from her tithing box. She continued, by saying that she knew that her mom and dad had taken the money, but that she forgave us.

THEN she let everyone know that if her mom and dad needed the money, then that was ok, she was still going to forgive us.

Wendy and I are dying, trying to melt into the pew.

I sat there, smiling, while Wendy kept looking at me, to see if I was going to have a sniper take her out. When Sacrament Meeting was over, Wendy asked Roxie why in the world she’d gone off like that. Roxie started crying and I knew, immediately, that she really did forgive her parents for “stealing” her money and that this was her way of helping us to come clean.

It was darling. It ruined our social standing, but it was darling.

I guess we put the house up, now?