Timpanogos with Jeffrey

At 11:30 pm on Friday night, Jeff and I started hiking up Timponooke Trail. We hiked all night and summited around 3 am on Saturday morning. Getting to the top was interesting, because there are basically steps cut into the last 1/4 of a mile, which you have to watch your step on.

Along the way we met Susette Fisher, who was in the process of summiting Timp 5 times in less than two days. This is an amazing feat, especially given how I felt after my own time spent on that mountain.

Along the way we saw porcupines, deer, goats and other animals. It was a pretty diverse (animal-wise) experience.

At the top we finally entered the box that awaits all who summit. I’d seen pictures of people taking pictures from this box, but never knew what it was for, really. I guess I still don’t.


Coming down was a trick. My knees disagreed with both the weight of my body and the steepness of the mountain. This happens to me on Squaw Peak, as well.

Jeff had his own issues, as he had a bowl full of cereal in his stomach and just overall felt badly. We slowed down to accommodate the pain and finished in a respectable 9-ish hours.

A fight with Squaw Peak