Sharks season comes to an end

I had to work, tonight, so Wendy, Roxie and Reagan and me texted through the game. I watched it over the internet and the girls watched on our TV.

We had hope for the Sharks, but ultimately the Oilers were just too much for them, this year. McDavid was an amazing player and even though the Sharks have playoff experience, we just didn’t have the youth and necessary skill to win this series.

I’m proud of my girls for cheering for the Sharks when I’m not home to encourage them.

Game ended 3-1 and the series 4-2. Good season, Sharks. Hopefully we keep Thornton and Marleau another season.

Problems with the Fireboard:
– How do I change WiFi networks? I am set up for home, but now I want to connect to my work network.
(Ok, I see that I can remove my network, which is non-intuitive, but where can I see a list of networks to connect to?)

Sharks vs. Oilers: Game 1 (Sharks win, 3-2)

Armed with a brand new 55″ 4k tv, I settled in to watch the Sharks take on the Edmonton Oilers in the first game of their playoff series. Roxie, Reagan and Lucy joined me for last period, but before that, Reagan was at the doctor to have her ankle examined. She has injured it somehow – maybe in some of her tumbling and gymnastics.

It was a very hard game to watch for a while. The Sharks looked sluggish and defeated as the Oilers ran them around for the first period, gaining a 2-0 lead on a Thorton-less San Jose team.

Couture also didn’t seem himself, almost as if he was protecting his full-masked face from a puck off of Brent Burns stick a couple of weeks ago. So we didn’t look good.

But something happened in the 2nd and 3rd period. The Sharks found their legs, skated faster and seemed to have more confidence. Hertyl was amazing and tough.

The game was pushed to overtime, even as Wendy was reminding me that the girls have early-morning school choir in the morning. I made the girls promise that they’d be happy and productive in the morning, which the agreed to. So we finished the game together, cheering at 11 pm in the living room.

Great game.

Dr Pepper Prohibition, Day 1

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about my wildly unhealthy consumption of Dr Pepper. For over a week, I knew I was going to have to quit again. I had a crazy idea that somehow I’d be ok and able to moderate my intake. Last night, though, I counted about 10 Dr Peppers that I’d drank through the day.

A long time ago I quit Dr Pepper. I staved off that delicious drink for three years, almost.

I’ve added my new “Since last Dr Pepper” countup in the sidebar of this site.

It’s 4 pm, now and I’m dealing with a dull headache. Not for sure that this is a Dr Pepper absence thing, but it’s suspect. I need to eat something.

Ended up doing well in the not-drinking department, but horrible in the eating dept. Ate tons. Enough to put on a pound.