Two Saturdays ago, I took and passed my ham radio Technician exam (33/35)

6 days ago (on Wednesday) I was assigned KI7PYE. So I’m legal, now. However, I’ve put in for a vanity, which was my dad’s old call sign. I’m hoping to receive it within two weeks. I’ll announce what it is at that time.

I’m excited to start using this. I’d love to see how my 9 watt radio works along the Rock Canyon trail along my way to Squaw Peak.

Where I’m at with my Pony Express 100 training

I just came off of a rough two-week span of time, wherein I came down with some brutal allergies, asthma, and, according to my doctor — pre-pneumonia. (What is pre-pneumonia, you ask?) I don’t know. Just whatever comes before pneumonia, I guess.

Suffice it to say that, for a week, I was in a really bad place. My running stopped. My nose ran constantly. I was basically just having an asthma attack at all times. I took breathing treatments and sucked on my inhaler to try to restore some semblance of breathing.

My Dr prescribed an Amoxicillin pill (which I am still taking) in order to knock this sickness out. It seems to be working, but now that I’m ready to pick up training again, a few fires have broken out on the west coast, of which smoke has settled into our Utah mountains.

I’m screwed.

I can’t run in this smoke. I’ll just get sick again. Because of my schedule, treadmills are not a viable option.

My progress, so far…

This excel chart sort of gives you an idea of how consistent my training has been going, before I got sick.

If I can finish up the rest of it in all yellow, I’ll probably be ok. If not, I’m looking at a rough, rough first 100 miler.