Race report: The 2015 St George Marathon

On Friday afternoon, Dad, Mom, Wendy, and the kids went to the Saint George Marathon Expo, held at the Dixie Conference Center. We walked around, got our race packets, and I picked up some much needed Body Glide (this would turn out to be more of my more brilliant marathon strategies- not to chafe.)

We had Mom’s patented Marathon Lasagna and I tried to go to sleep at 8 pm. Here’s why: The Saint George Marathon was giving out guaranteed spots to the 2016 marathon, for those who would be on the first 20 busses, before 3:45 am on marathon morning. I knew this problematic for both my dad and me. Both of us needed sleep. But Dad has guaranteed entrances to the marathon, since he’s already done 10 of the St George Marathon. I still needed 3 more SGMs to get to this coveted point.

I probably didn’t actually fall asleep until about 10:30 pm, but that’s also sort of a record for me, on a marathon eve.

My alarm woke me at 3 am and I actually considered resetting for 4 am and just bagging the automatic entrance. But then I thought of how often Present Nathan really messes up Future Nathan, so I did the future me a solid and got up. I walked over to my parents room to make sure that my dad got up. I don’t think he sleeps well at all. He wakes up so fast, even when he’s only had about 3 hours of sleep.

I didn’t wake Wendy up. Instead, I just got dressed, went into the kitchen and make myself breakfast. I wasn’t going to eat it right away, so I just bagged it. Soon, Dad and I were on our way. We parked the Highlander at 100 South and 400 East, only a couple of blocks away from the busses. I sort of hurried us along, worried that I might not make the cutoff for the 2016 automatic entry.

Alas, we had plenty of time. We boarded the bus and sat in our cramped seats. Dad, traditional as he is, asked me, “Now, why are we doing this, again?” Every year, he asks this. Every. Single. Year. For some reason, though, it always makes me smile.


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