Winter Series: Satisfied with my first 5K of the year

A pretty nice shirt
A pretty nice shirt

Well, this morning, I drove from Alpine to Provo, in a frenzy, to retrieve my Garmin watch, so that I could track my run.  I found it, fed Buddy (The Cat), and took off.  I made my way into Tooele and realized that I’d gone too far.  For miles in front of me, I could see no way to turn around on I-80, so I cut across an emergency section (I know, I know) and drove back as fast as I could.

I worked my truck with my left hand and my iPhone’s GPS with my right, in an attempt to locate Saltair Palace (never had been there).  Finally, I saw it, along with a crowd of runners.  I was directed by an officer of the law, into a parking spot.  I asked a fellow runner where I could get my racing bib and he pointed to the Saltair Palace, so I ran the 1/6 of a mile over to it, called my name out to the gentleman who was working the counter, got my packet and ran back to my truck.

I only had time to secure my crooked bib on by two pins (I’m usually very meticulous about how I pin my numbers on) and saw the crowd take off.  I was the last one to cross the starting line.  So I started counting, every time I passed someone (it’s not as hard to pass people if you arrive late).  When I got to 50, I stopped counting.  It was time to concentrate on my breathing.  I hit the first mile at about 10 minutes or so (rough start).  At 1.5 miles, they had us turning around on the paved road to come back the way we came.  When we rounded the corner, an older gentleman didn’t cut the corner like I expected him to, so I bumped into him.  I said “sorry, sorry” and he replied; “I can’t cut those corners like I used to”.  Nice guy (really).

When I hit mile marker #2, I wondered if I was going to be able to keep my 7:45 pace.  I slowed down, considered walking, didn’t, picked up my pace again, and got going.  I was only passed by about 2-3 people during the whole race (again:  Not too hard to do when you start last).

My friend Kaye found me at the end of the race (she had a good race) and that was fun, because I didn’t run this race with anyone, really.

Anyway, when I crossed the finish line, I was disappointed to see my time of 24:50, because it felt like I ran faster than that.  But take into consideration:  I arrived late, didn’t stretch, wasn’t wearing my new shoes (only had time to leave my old Asics on), hadn’t rolled, my watch wasn’t hardly charged, and no warm up run (something I’ve decided to try).  So all in all, not too bad for my first 5K of the year.

Time:  25:24 (8 minute miles)

Next race:  Winter Series 10K on Feb 14th.


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  1. Dude – you had a great time – especially since you were the last one to cross the starting line! It was good to see you outside of work. Sorry to make you stand around after the race in the cold chit-chatting; I just NOW realized that you were in SHORTS and were probably just waiting for me to stop babbling so that you could get in your truck and warm up! You’re such a patient friend. Hint: the words “girl, shut up” will work wonders next time! Congrats, again. BTW – I’m doing a little on-line contest via called Shave Your 5K. You might want to check it out. I think that it will give me some incentive to work on my short race speed in addition to my 2009 ‘thon goals.

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