Long run, inhale bug

Yesterday began my first long run in a six month program which will hopefully lead up to my finishing the Pony Express 100. Up to this point, I’d only had a 10 mile run in the last two months, as far as long runs go, so I knew I was sort of pushing things, 10% Rule be damned.

The weather could not have been better for Spring (67 degrees), so I started off in a pretty chirpy mood, up the Provo River trail. I wanted to sort of scout it out, because for the first time in seven years we have flooding on the trail. Deer Creek is at 97% and we have quite the snowpack that needs to have a place to go.

The first few miles went well, as I kept a 0:9:30 pace for most of it. At the halfway point (8 mi.), I felt a little tired but not horrible. I had managed to keep finding water (the drinking fountains are all open again, after a long winter), but I also took a pit stop at the Riverwoods public bathroom.

Getting going again, I kept telling myself that the stopping and starting in training might do me well in simulating the stops and starts that are sure to come at Pony 100.

At mile 13, I inhaled a bug of some sort into my lungs and immediately started coughing. It took me about a mile to feel that the bug had “passed”, but I never really recovered after that. Miles 13-16 were uncomfortable (The last time I ran 16 miles was in October, during St George Marathon.)

This was a decent run.

No real pain. Some hip discomfort, which reminds me I need to be doing leg lifts at night. The usual left-hamstring pain, which abates after a few miles. The heat. It was only 67 degrees but it was hot to me. Need to keep drinking.

I had only eaten .75 of a bagel, so I know I could have eaten more. A banana wouldn’t have killed me.

My good friend, Patrick Phillips is coaching me for this season, for Pony Express, so these posts are also going to be for him, so that he can help me stay on track, goal-wise, as well as notice consistent problems that fall through the cracks for me.

Thanks, Pat!

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