Saturday, running long (3+17+1)

Saturday morning was the 2nd annual Provo Parkway Stake 5k. I woke up early and ran down to the church pavilion to help set up. I wanted to get 3 miles in before I started my long run, so that I wouldn’t have to spend all day on the trail.

The race went fine. Roxie took first in her age group 17 and under and Reagan took 2nd place in the same age group. Wendy handled her 5k very well and may have PR’d for the distance. She seemed happy with her run.

Somehow I took third in mine. I really phoned it in, running about a 9 minute pace.

After the race, I let Wendy know I was leaving, then started out for what I hoped would be 15 miles. The first 8-9 went along just fine, but when I started getting into the double digits, I felt tired and very hot. I drank at every opportunity, but just could not settle in. In retrospect, it could be that my body was preparing to fight off some severe allergies, which would set in Saturday night.

I did eat a banana and some oranges, but not really any carbs, which I’m sure added to the stress of the run. At Will’s Pit Stop, on the way back, I bought a Gatorade and drank about half of it along the way, finally throwing the container away on University Avenue, at a bus stop garbage.

The rest of the run was tough, just trying to finish strong. I managed to keep my miles under 10’s, but just didn’t feel it that day.

All in all, though, it was good training. I think that with the distance I’m attempting, it might be a good idea to get used to uncomfortable miles. I forgot to mention what hurt: My hips. I really need to strengthen my hips. Slight shin splint tenderness, which has since disappeared, as expected (ran 3 on Monday, today, with no shin splint issues.)

I should admit that that night, my friend Matt Heil wanted to run, so I went one mile with him, because I wanted to give him a good send-off into his new running career. That’s how I ended up with one mile more than planned.

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