Where I’m at with my Pony Express 100 training

I just came off of a rough two-week span of time, wherein I came down with some brutal allergies, asthma, and, according to my doctor — pre-pneumonia. (What is pre-pneumonia, you ask?) I don’t know. Just whatever comes before pneumonia, I guess.

Suffice it to say that, for a week, I was in a really bad place. My running stopped. My nose ran constantly. I was basically just having an asthma attack at all times. I took breathing treatments and sucked on my inhaler to try to restore some semblance of breathing.

My Dr prescribed an Amoxicillin pill (which I am still taking) in order to knock this sickness out. It seems to be working, but now that I’m ready to pick up training again, a few fires have broken out on the west coast, of which smoke has settled into our Utah mountains.

I’m screwed.

I can’t run in this smoke. I’ll just get sick again. Because of my schedule, treadmills are not a viable option.

My progress, so far…

This excel chart sort of gives you an idea of how consistent my training has been going, before I got sick.

If I can finish up the rest of it in all yellow, I’ll probably be ok. If not, I’m looking at a rough, rough first 100 miler.

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