Nathan’s Account of the death of “Subie”

18 April 01

At the time of this entry it’s 6 AM.

4 A.M. – I woke up to the sound of my phone’s alarm going off.  I knelt in my bed and prayed that today would be a good day (the usual “I’m so tired and I hope this prayer works”).  Then I reset the alarm on my desk for 4:15 A.M.

4:15 A.M. – Shut off my alarm, turned on my computer for a second to see if my friend Wendy had responded to my ICQ that I sent last night, telling her that I’d come over to her house this afternoon to drop off her UVSC folder that she left off (we worked on our registration yesterday afternoon).

4:25 A.M. – I was in the shower and noticing what wonderful time I was making.

4:40 A.M. – Started my drive to work.  I noticed as I made my way toward the freeway on Center Street, that Center was blocked.  It almost looked like I could make my way around the police and construction barricade, so I veered left.  As soon as I did, I saw a Police car and thought better of the idea.  I turned right to go South on I-15.

Got off at the next exit and made my way to University Ave, where I then turned north.

4:45 A.M. – Decided to take State Street up to another exit so that I could make my way onto I-15.  Turned left onto Center street (east of the freeway).

4:55 A.M. – Drifted right a little and brushed the right hand side of the road’s sidewalk (or something).  I was then immediately pulled up by that friction onto the sidewalk.  Tried to pull left again in an effort to correct and regain control, but there was too much play in the steering to have any effect. Slammed over a half-foot ledge, which launched the right side of the BRAT up in the air.  The BRAT and I landed, back on the right hand side of the street in front of  “The Guitar Shop”.  I don’t think that that last part means anything.

4:56 A.M. – Sat in the car and thought of the effect this was going to have on my life for the next bit, and wished in every way that I could do the morning over one more time.  I sat for another 20 seconds, trying to make this “Not have happened”.  Nothing changed.  So I closed my eyes and thanked Heavenly Father for keeping me safe throughout the entire event.  I noticed my left thumb was sore, and wondered if I had broken the nail vertically in half.  I turned on the light to survey my thumb, but it seemed to be fine.

4:57 A.M. – The owner of the guitar shop (who I’ve met several times) came out asked loud enough for me to hear from inside my car if I was ok.  I got out of the BRAT and answered equally, that I was fine- “just a little disappointed”.  He asked if I needed to use the phone, and I told him probably not.

4:59 A.M. – Got back inside the BRAT and decided that this was a good time to read in my scriptures.  I read chapter 30 of Alma and was actually able to concentrate on most of the chapter!

5:00 A.M. – Got out to survey the damage.  Looked like the whole front end of the right hand side of the BRAT had been moved about 1 foot towards the back end.  Noticed that the rim of the wheel was dented in about 3-4 inches, and that the tire was “done for”.  I drove the BRAT about 4 feet back so that I could work on the BRAT and look closer at the damage with my flashlight.  I ended up just over the line but since there had been so much noise from the damaged front end when I tried to move it, I thought better of the idea to straighten my park job.

I looked closer at the front end and also noticed that some bars had cut through the frame of the BRAT and were lodged in it.  Also noticed “more oil than normal” on the ground under the oil pan.  I took note of other various damage that was done on the front.

5:10 A.M. – I jacked up the BRAT and changed out the tire with the spare that I keep under the hood.  After I let the front end down, I noticed that the frame of the BRAT was cutting into the tire.  So I jacked the tire up and again, and put the damaged wheel back on.  Then (with no small amount of noise), I moved the BRAT back into it’s proper resting place (once again over the line).

5:25 A.M. – Walked inside the guitar shop and asked the owner if I could use his phone and a phonebook to call a tow truck.  He told me that it would probably be cheaper if I waited until normal business hours, because when you call a locksmith or someone in a like profession, there is a chance that they will charge more for being dragged out of bed.  He offered to give me a ride back to my house.  I accepted the ride graciously, and went back to the BRAT to get my backpack.  While in the car, I grabbed one of my CD’s to give to him.

5:27 A.M. – He picked me up in his small Nissan pickup and we drove north on State street, because of Center being blocked off.

On the way, he told me about how he used to drive motorcycles and how some of his friends buddies would ruin it from time to time when he’d lend it out.

I gave him my CD, and told him that it was folk music.  He said something about liking folk, and that was the end of that conversation.

He dropped me off at the house and told me good luck or something of that nature.  He left, and I noticed that no lights were on in the house, so that Ben and Grant must still be asleep.

6:00 A.M – Started this entry, and wondered why I was even doing it.

I suppose I know that “this too shall pass” (mom) and that it will be but a memory someday.  So I’m trying to objectively look at the situation and know that this is something that one of my children may or may not appreciate later on in their lives.  So that’s why this entry is so detailed and different.  Plus, it’s a nice change of style from the usual.


Breaking News: Subaru "Subie" BRAT Dies

Not my actual Subaru; doppelganger

Subaru “Subie” BRAT, age 19 of Provo, Utah died April 18, 2001, 4:45 A.M., at Center Street in Provo, after a brief collision. Born at Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, Japan on August 31, 1982, the daughter of the late 1977 and 1979 Subaru Brat, she was a member of the SUV family. She was 3 and a half years from retirement, and was planning on ?taking a break from college and dating life.? She is survived by her owner, Nathan Nelson, and friends and family that span all across the west coast. Funeral is to be held April 19, 9AM at 1394 W. 430 S. in Provo Ut. Visiting hours Fri. 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 PM. Burial in Grant Gillum?s back yard, Provo. ARRANGEMENTS BY CHUCKS TOWING 801-251-4041.
Donation of cinderblocks appreciated.

No title

New Mexico

First entry in my journal as an eight year old

Today is sunday.  I have a colection of stickers.  So far I have 39 stickers.  patrick said a prayer all by his self.  I have a bird.  Her name is Joli.  She is tame.  I had to tame her all by myself.  She and I are friends.  She likes me.  I like go to church.  I like to sleep.  I love to tame birds.  I like to play with my bird Joli.  I have hard times with my parents sometimes.  My bird is meen sometimes.  So I tap her on the beak or I blow on her face.  I do not like it when my dad drives to fast.  My best friend is Josh.  He is a very smart boy.  He has never got a pink slip.  He came over Friday.  He likes my bird.  We went for a hike up our hill.  I have a way of communivating with my bird.

Yesterday I had a soccer game.  It was a tie.  Brandon and I are the beset fullbacks on the team.  Brice is a mormon.  He is on my team to.  The name of our team is the bulldogs.

We won two games!  Brice loves to be sweeper.  I don’t blame him.

I belong to a choir.  My dad likes to have his feet rubed.  I can do 105 sit ups in three minutes.  The dicsons left our ward.  I did not like that.  About 3 weeks ago the Cornealieses left our ward to.  I did not like that either.

Every month the Warlofs come to our house to home teach They bring some films to show us.  They are scripture stories that are true.  They have to do with the prohets that lived long ago.  I like them.  My cotches names are Carmel and Tim.  They are nice to me.

I like going to church a lot.