First entry in my journal as an eight year old

Today is sunday.  I have a colection of stickers.  So far I have 39 stickers.  patrick said a prayer all by his self.  I have a bird.  Her name is Joli.  She is tame.  I had to tame her all by myself.  She and I are friends.  She likes me.  I like go to church.  I like to sleep.  I love to tame birds.  I like to play with my bird Joli.  I have hard times with my parents sometimes.  My bird is meen sometimes.  So I tap her on the beak or I blow on her face.  I do not like it when my dad drives to fast.  My best friend is Josh.  He is a very smart boy.  He has never got a pink slip.  He came over Friday.  He likes my bird.  We went for a hike up our hill.  I have a way of communivating with my bird.

Yesterday I had a soccer game.  It was a tie.  Brandon and I are the beset fullbacks on the team.  Brice is a mormon.  He is on my team to.  The name of our team is the bulldogs.

We won two games!  Brice loves to be sweeper.  I don’t blame him.

I belong to a choir.  My dad likes to have his feet rubed.  I can do 105 sit ups in three minutes.  The dicsons left our ward.  I did not like that.  About 3 weeks ago the Cornealieses left our ward to.  I did not like that either.

Every month the Warlofs come to our house to home teach They bring some films to show us.  They are scripture stories that are true.  They have to do with the prohets that lived long ago.  I like them.  My cotches names are Carmel and Tim.  They are nice to me.

I like going to church a lot.