This blog o' mine…

When I first started blogging 30 years ago (I wrote some great journal entries with the help of my mother, some of which actually ended up in this blog), I wrote about me.  I also wrote about my bird, my family, and church.  I wrote about whatever I told my mom to write down in my little pink, spiral-bound journal.

Now, I write about my family, hobbies, and any issue that I might have with the world.

Today, I considered that my blog might be too sporadic, scattered, and unfocused (scattered).  I’m not sure what to do about that.  Should I continue to write about whatever enters my head, or should I sort of narrow things down?  I could write about my experience in becoming a triathlete.  Or maybe I’ll just focus on my music or geek interests.  Honestly, I don’t know that I could commit to any one thing.  So the challenge is to somehow make this blog interesting enough to write, but also organized in some way so that my readers (and apparently there are some of you, according to my WordPress Stats) can enjoy it, too.

This will be something that I focus on in the next couple of weeks.  I’m not into making money off of this blog (this is also what people can’t make money by writing a blog say).  I just want to have a place to organize my head and maybe even a place for folks with like-interests to come and learn a thing or two.  What do you think?

Testing out some new themes

I noticed that there some things about my blog’s site that were confusing, so I’m going to experiment with some new designs.  Please, if you like or don’t like it, speak up.  Either comment directly through the website, or email me:  nathan [at] nelsonshack [dot] com.