My first intervals (4 mi with 8 x 100's)

I woke up and immediately decided that today’s run wasn’t going to happen.  After all, I still felt pain from Saturday’s 9 miles and plus our newborn hadn’t really let either myself or Wendy sleep well.  I even worked on an excuse from running that involved such wisdom as when sleep might be more valuable than a workout, etc…

But Wendy asked me if I was going to go for a run and that was the end of it.

I slid off the bed, put my clothes on, walked outside and started up my Suunto.  I started off as slow as I could (a 0:9:30 pace) for a half a mile.  Then I did my first official burst of speedwork in my running career (anything to speak of, anyway).  I ran a 0:6:06 for about 20 seconds (or .06 miles, which should be 100 meters…ish).  I then dropped down to a 0:9:00 minute pace and felt fine.  The following intervals were 0:6:06, 0:6:06, 0:6:45, 0:6:23, 0:5:22, 0:5:52, 0:5:37, 0:5:42, 0:5:58.  We’re only talking about 15-20 second intervals, here.  Let’s not get too excited.

Anyway, I did notice more pelvic and hip discomfort on this run, but fortunately my schedule calls for a day off, tomorrow, before I hit it hard for a 7 miles on Wednesday.

It’s exciting that I can even keep a pace of 5:22 for a few seconds.  I’m not sure how this is supposed to work, but I can see that if I can get better at these types of workouts (sans injury), I should be able to get to the point in a couple of years, where I can qualify for Boston.

We shall see.

Intervals burn fat and prevent diabetes more than a long, steady workout?

According to this US News report, very possibly.  It should be noted, however, that they recommend that you are somewhat in shape before incorporating intervals into your workout.  Very interesting.