I will never have to listen to The Pretender, by the Foo Fighters, again

There have been too many times that, while I’m in my truck, I have to listen to the Foo Fighters.

It usually happens when I make an outgoing phone call.  I’ll barely get someone on the other end of the line, when suddenly The Pretender starts playing.  Loudly.  The other end of the phone call can’t hear this, but when I’m using my truck’s Bluetooth, it blasts the other party’s voice, plus this one song, all at the same time.  It’s incredibly annoying.

My solution:  Remove the one song I have left in my iPhones Music app.  It didn’t show up in iTunes on my computer.  But it sure has heck couldn’t be removed from the phone, from the phone, if that makes sense.

Found an article online that suggested repurchasing the song, adding it to the phone, THEN removing it from iTunes and re-synching.

I did this.  Now, over a year later into my truck ownership, that stupid song is gone.  I used to thing it was a decent song.  Now I hate it.

Export MapMyFitness activities into Dailymile.com with RunGap


I’ve been working on a way to get all of my running logs into one place.

A little unnecessary history: I started off with CoolRunning, changed to RunningAhead, then moved to MapMyFitness when I started swimming and doing triathlons. Each one of the aforementioned websites were great, but I really wanted all of these logs in once place, for at-a-glance viewing.

After Googling everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that had anything to do with running log conversion, I gave up. For a couple of years. But today, with new effort, I accidentally discovered something. To get MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, etc., into DailyRun, we need an iPhone app (if you don’t have an


iPhone, do you have a friend who doesn’t mind you mucking about on their iPhone and downloading a free app? Of course you do.)

Step 1: Download RunGap from the iTunes Store.

Step 2: Connect RunGap to MapMyFitness.

Step 3: Connect RunGap to DailyMile.

Step 4: On RunGap, from the “Activities” screen, click on the “…” in the upper, right-hand corner. Then select “Add or update All…”

Step 5: At this point, if I remember right, you have to give permission for RunGap to push your MapMyFitness activities into



That should do it. I now have all of my MapMyRun events up on the DailyMile website, including maps, etc.




Leaking issue with my Lifeproof case (updated with photo of broken case)


EDIT– 4 April 2012, 11:09 AM- Lifeproof is sending a replacement case, first class.

Just figured out why my case was taking in water and letting out way too much air.

If you look closely, you’ll see that there are two membranes at the base of the case (top of the picture) that allow for sound in, but doesn’t allow water to rush in…

…unless there is a missing membrane.  On the left side of this picture, you can see where the membrane is completely missing (which is why you can see my blue screensaver through it.)

You can also see what’s left of the plastic from where it tore off, I’m guessing.  I’ll just call Lifeproof and see if I can get another replacement.

Leaking issue with my Lifeproof case


Just jumped off of the phone with Lifeproof. Posting photos so they can see charge port door and foam insert.

I’m not sure which way the foam goes back in.  In my mind, the oval depression would line up with the oval port opening of the case, but the lip that goes under the hinge is now forced under.

And that, then, leads to the answer, I think.  I believe that this works when the seal is placed OVER the hinge- not under.

Sorry for the trouble, Cassie (Lifeproof Rep).  I’ll test this, again, with the seal resting on the hinge.

20120405-101018.jpgFor those who are interested (me), the reason this whole question came about, was because I was trying to thouroughly dry the case.  So I shook the case to get the thin, yellow gasket that lines the perimiter of the case out.  It came out, but so did the port seal.  20120405-101033.jpgJust didn’t know how it went back in.



Lifeproof vs 11'9" drop


20110828-100224.jpgLess than 20 minutes ago, I was shooting lightning on my deck with the app MagicShutter (impressive app, so far, btw.)

Having precariously balanced the phone on a thin 2×4 piece of railing, my heart stopped when I heard the clatter of iPhone and Lifeproof hitting the cement, 11’9″ below.

I sat there for about 20 seconds, trying to will the phone back in time so that I could save it from my future stupidity.

Finally, snapping back to the present, I trudged down the steps to accept the consequences.

I picked up the corpse, which was face down in a heap.  Light cracked out from the first possible angle and a little hope entered my shattered heart.

I hit the home button and everything worked as advertised.  Pure relief.  Now to inspect the extent of the damage.

Case:  The corner took a blow.  In fact, the impact appeared to have bowed out the case.  I was a little saddened, because I wasn’t too excited to pay 30-40 bucks for a new piece of my case.  But snap, and it went back in place.

I then went inside and took the case apart (it would need to be water-tested, again, anyway.)  The phone (slim as ever) popped out and in flawless condition.  Unbelievable.

The case is now testing and has 40 minutes left.  If the fall had damaged the case and saved my phone, it would still be worth the 70 bucks that I paid.  These are expensive phones.  My gut tells me that the case is still uncompromised.  I’ll update this post in 40 minutes.

–Update:  It’s 11:13 PM and the water test is complete.  The case is still solid.  No leaks.  Just one big scuff to remind me that I need to be more careful with my phone…