The Bonneville Shoreline Trail, in the SLC

Today found me at work on a Saturday.  But I managed to get out for a couple of hours, to explore more of the trail that had me enamored last winter.  I have already run the stretch of the BST, from Spanish Fork, to Provo…but on the recommendation of a friend from work, I headed up to the Hogle Zoo, to see what some of the SLC BST could provide.  I was not disappointed.

Spent some time thinking about my sister, Lindsay, on this run.  She is such an inspiration to me and a great example of what hard work accomplishes.  I’ll never be as fast or as dedicated as she is, but having her around as an example helps me to focus on the smaller goals that I have in running.  Anyway…

There were some brutal hills involved in this run.  I think that if I were to concentrate on hills each week, I could get to where I can run this route without walking.  But that would be a huge accomplishment, because I had to walk.  A lot.

Location:  BST, from Hogle Zoo, to the Red Butte Creek
Miles:  6.5
Time:  2:45 pm
Running time:  1:28:03
Pace:  0:13:29
Temp:  32 at start, colder when I finished (sun was going down)
Weather:  Overcast and cold
People I saw:  Surprisingly, there were several runners and bikers on this trail.  I have a feeling these guys go strong through all four seasons.

Icy, back-breaky run

Notes:  Saw Michael, just entering the PRT from Lakeshore Drive and chatted or a bit.  He saw that I was wearing my new (last year’s ‘new’) Sharks beanie and asked about it.  Turns out he’s a big Sharks fan.  We discussed the last three games and how well we think Wilson is doing with the team (not great).  Felt bad, but I had to cut off our conversation so that I could catch my train.  Cool guy, that Michael.

On this run, there were a couple of comical slips on an icy road.  Even I chuckled.  But I wasn’t laughing on Slip Three.  My left foot lost it’s…footing (seems redundant) and in order to avoid anything that would integrate my skin with asphalt, I flung my right arm up, wildly (sort of funny, I guess) and stabilized.  But not before really messing with my back.  Somehow, this motion, which wouldn’t have done a thing in my twenties, aged me another three years in less than two seconds.  I run for my health.  *cough*

Not a bad run, anyway.  Slow, because of my chat with Michael, plus took some cool pics.

A cold light.
You can see the steam coming off of my back porch light. Cold.

Location:  North boat harbor drive to the lake
Miles:  5
Time:  6:33 am
Pace:  0:9:51 with all of the breaks/0:8:30 without
Temp:  A comfortable 25 degrees when I left
Weather:  Overcast, beautiful,
People I saw:  Michael, Angela and Nichole (way up the road)


Beautiful Utah Lake
For some reason, I find snow on these docks to be beautiful.
A vile, hateful buoy, which is still showing signs of life. Would like to see it destroyed. You know why.

Four miles with Ryan and Barry. (It was bollocks, FYI)



Was very happy to see Barry show up for this run.  His attendance was in doubt, due to some things I read in a group text (above).

The run went well, but I always prefer going toward the lake (west).  However, I have to admit, I really enjoy seeing new places and shaking things up, too.

When they finally release Run an Empire, I’ll probably venture out more, for the sake of taking more territory.  It’s like Settlers of Catan (I’ve heard; never played), so it’s the kind of thing where you can claim territory by running it out and back, or by encompassing it.  This is an idea that I had a couple of years ago, but never knew what to do with it.  From what I’ve seen, these guys have really nailed down some great stuff.  I look forward to playing it.  I’m guessing that several other, similar ideas will come from this.

Today’s Run
Location:  Provo River Trail (east)
Miles:  4.1
Time:  0:39:02
Pace:  0:9:26
Temp:  25 degrees
Weather:  Overcast.  Almost felt like snow could fall.
People I saw:  Didn’t see anyone I knew.  No runners.  A couple walkers.



25 degrees, but still cold…

Just kidding.  I’m just trying to get my mind into the spirit of the season.  I know that it has to get to at least 15 degrees, before I start talking about how cold it is.  Otherwise, I’ll be miserable at 25 degrees.

So it was cold.  But once I get going, I seem to be able to hold my own.

Mile 1, 0:8:26:  It was cold and I was slow.  It takes longer to warm up in the winter.  Almost a mile before I feel that I’m able to get my stride underneath me.

Mile 2, 0:7:47:  This was better.  I tried to pay attention to my surroundings, to appreciate the river next to me and the yellow leaves on my path.  Didn’t feel comfortable, but was able to keep the pace.

Mile 3, 0:7:53:  I hit the turnaround at the Lake’s park gate and knew that it was going to be a struggle to keep this up.  Kept thinking of how I’m going to get a 0:7:30 pace for Thanksgiving’s Turkey Trot.  Not sure I can.  It’s going to have to be a great day.

Mile 4, 0:7:53:  This wasn’t too much easier.  Once I hit around mile 3 or 4, I can finally read my watch’s display without turning on its light.  Very difficult to keep track of my pace, when the trees keep throwing off the GPS.  I’m just going to have to learn to run a lot of this by feel.

Mile 5, 0:7:35:  I was really pushing it, on the fifth mile.  Struggled to keep my pace as I went up the little hill that takes you off of the path and onto Lakeshore Drive.  Managed to get a little faster on the last 1/2 mile, but it was pretty desperate.  Finished strong.

I have some work to do.

Location:  Provo River Trail
Miles:  5.2
Time:  6:30 am
Pace:  0:7:54
Temp:  25 degrees
Weather:  Clear and cold
People I saw:  Nichole and Angela