Sharks season comes to an end

I had to work, tonight, so Wendy, Roxie and Reagan and me texted through the game. I watched it over the internet and the girls watched on our TV.

We had hope for the Sharks, but ultimately the Oilers were just too much for them, this year. McDavid was an amazing player and even though the Sharks have playoff experience, we just didn’t have the youth and necessary skill to win this series.

I’m proud of my girls for cheering for the Sharks when I’m not home to encourage them.

Game ended 3-1 and the series 4-2. Good season, Sharks. Hopefully we keep Thornton and Marleau another season.

The San Jose Sharks advance to the Stanley Cup Finals

About 45 minutes ago the seconds ticked down and the game ended. Finally the Sharks have shaken the monkey off of their collective back and moved past the Wester Conference Finals.

This team has taken a beating in reputation over the years of their franchise, so it’s something else to see them in this position.

I’ve never really followed a team like I have the Sharks. They are the only team (and this is the only sport) that has held my attention for so long. I remember that, when I first started watching them on TV, it was mostly because I’d sort of committed to the team. But I could barely follow the game (puck) and it was a very confusing game to me.

What I’m trying to say is, while the San Jose Sharks do not define who I am, they have become a big part of my life. I’m proud of my team, proud of where they come from (Norcal) and feel that my fanship is a good example to my kids- you stick with your team, whether they win or lose, for as long as it takes.

Roxie indicts parents for stealing tithing

On Sunday, which was Fast Sunday, Roxie got up to bear her testimony. I couldn’t really tell where she was going with her point, but she finally told the Provo Parkway 4th Ward that some money was missing from her tithing box. She continued, by saying that she knew that her mom and dad had taken the money, but that she forgave us.

THEN she let everyone know that if her mom and dad needed the money, then that was ok, she was still going to forgive us.

Wendy and I are dying, trying to melt into the pew.

I sat there, smiling, while Wendy kept looking at me, to see if I was going to have a sniper take her out. When Sacrament Meeting was over, Wendy asked Roxie why in the world she’d gone off like that. Roxie started crying and I knew, immediately, that she really did forgive her parents for “stealing” her money and that this was her way of helping us to come clean.

It was darling. It ruined our social standing, but it was darling.

I guess we put the house up, now?

Runnin’ 4 miles, like a gangsta’

Location: Provo River Trail
Miles: 4
Time: 42:45
Pace: 0:10:23
Temp:  19º
Weather: Cold, frosty, clear
People I saw: Jane, Roxie, Reagan
Pain/injuries: None
Weight: Titanic

Notes: Last night I was nervous to even say anything. But the girls had already told me they wanted to go, so I broke the news to Wendy. “The girls want to go with me, tomorrow. We’ll be going four miles.”


But Wendy was a good sport and got all of their clothes together, anyway.

I woke up at 5 am and tried to sleep, but it was off any on. Finally my alarm coaxed me out of bed and I woke the girls. Both wanted to run. Weird kids.

I walked over to the back sliding glass door to see what my outdoor thermometer reported. 19º. Uh oh. This could go any which way. I started to wonder if this was not ok, taking my kids out four miles in this cold weather.

We all got dressed, and snuck through the back door to ensure that no one else was awoken. Once outside, it was just incredible how cold it felt. I’ve gotten soft. It’s been a while. And the girls never, ever go out in anything less than full winter attire, when it’s below 30.

It was mostly uneventful, except for one unfortunate problem: Roxie and Reagan accidentally were wearing each other’s leggings. So every 1/2 mile or so, Roxie would complain that her tights and underwear were falling down. So we’d stop and I’d help pull them up, then we’d continue.

At mile 1.5, the girls excitedly recognized the landmark and knew they were running past their previous distance. At mile 2, I pointed out to them the clump of dirt that always marks 2 miles for me. At this point we turned around and started to head back.

I kept asking the girls if they were ok and if they were cold. Roxie reported that her face was cold, but I told her that was ok, as long as her legs and chest were warm enough. She said they were, so I didn’t worry too much.

Once we were on the homestretch, both Reagan and Roxie were slowing down. They were finally tired by distance. I think we found a good place to cap the distance (except for the Chico Nelson Turkey Trot, which is five miles on Thanksgiving). I don’t think I’ll take them any farther than 4 miles for a morning run. Maybe next year I’ll let them go farther, but I think that they’re fine running between 3-4 miles at a time.

As we walked into the house, I told them that this was my favorite part of a winter run- warming up after having run outside in the cold. They agreed. Once inside, they were greeted by the rest of the family. They seemed happy and content with their accomplishment.

I am so proud of Roxie and Reagan, for running so well and strong and not complaining one bit about the distance or cold!

Extra note: I really regret not having taken their picture on the trail. I forgot, I think, because of all of the stopping for leggings adjustments.

A morning run with Roxie and Reagan

Location: Provo River Trail
Miles: 3.1
Time: 33:48
Pace: 0:10:52
Temp:  45º
Weather: Cool, got colder, pleasant
People I saw: Roxie, Reagan, Jane
Pain/injuries: None.
Weight: A lot

Notes: Well, this was one for the books. On Saturday, Roxie kept pestering me that she wanted to go on a morning run with me. I finally gave in and told her that, if she was ready in the morning on Monday, I’d take her.

She reminded me, again, on Sunday, at which point, Reagan also asked if she could join me for a run on Monday. I explained to Reagan that she’d have to be ready to go and that I’d be happy to take her.

I woke Roxie up at 6:05 am and asked her if she still wanted to run. She sat up immediately and acknowledged her interest. I told her she couldn’t say or whisper anything and to hang on.

Reagan did the same thing. She sleeps deeper than Roxie does, so I thought she might turn me down. Nope. She wanted to run, too. So now I’ve got both girls quietly putting their clothes on. We slipped out the back door, wordlessly, and off we went.

The girls take the lead on the Provo River Trail
Running behind the girls worked well. I could sort of keep an eye on them, while my headlamp flooded the trail in front of all of us.

The first mile consisted of the girls excitedly asking me questions and jabbering: “Dad, where’s lights that come on automatically, that you keep telling us about?” “How far are we going to go?” “It’s so dark!”

At one point, their chatter was punctuated by the dog that barks and freaks out us runners, somewhere on 2770 West. Both girls jumped off the sidewalk onto the road. Reagan had grabbed me and Roxie had grabbed Reagan. It was pretty funny.

As we entered the Provo River Trail, the girls were –and I never use this word, but it fits– DELIGHTED at the ducks quacking at us. They kept yelling out their good mornings and hellos at them as we ran along the path.

One of the things we discussed, was whether I’d let the girls run this trail alone. I told them I wouldn’t, but that, when they are older, they could run together on the trail, or with one of their friends.

Sun is coming up as the girls finish their first 3 mile run!
Neither girl would admit that she was a little bit tired…but I suspect we were sort of pushing things. Both girls were thrilled to hit their farthest distance of 3.1 miles. These girls are ready to lay down a 5k race.

I kept asking the girls if they were tired or if we were going to fast, but they were fine. We ran along and greeted Jane as she passed us. She seemed happy to see the girls out on a run with me. We finally ran to the 1.5 mark where the train opens up into a parking lot and then continues on. Here we turned around and headed back.

Daylight was breaking and the girls seemed to love how the world looked as we ran eastward along the trail. It really was beautiful and for me, there isn’t much of anything better in the world, than sharing a morning run with my family. As we turned onto Lakeshore, one of the girls asked me why we didn’t go the other way on the trail (toward the mountain). I explained that I just don’t like that part of the path, nearly as much.



Race report: The 2015 St George Marathon

On Friday afternoon, Dad, Mom, Wendy, and the kids went to the Saint George Marathon Expo, held at the Dixie Conference Center. We walked around, got our race packets, and I picked up some much needed Body Glide (this would turn out to be more of my more brilliant marathon strategies- not to chafe.)

We had Mom’s patented Marathon Lasagna and I tried to go to sleep at 8 pm. Here’s why: The Saint George Marathon was giving out guaranteed spots to the 2016 marathon, for those who would be on the first 20 busses, before 3:45 am on marathon morning. I knew this problematic for both my dad and me. Both of us needed sleep. But Dad has guaranteed entrances to the marathon, since he’s already done 10 of the St George Marathon. I still needed 3 more SGMs to get to this coveted point.

I probably didn’t actually fall asleep until about 10:30 pm, but that’s also sort of a record for me, on a marathon eve.

My alarm woke me at 3 am and I actually considered resetting for 4 am and just bagging the automatic entrance. But then I thought of how often Present Nathan really messes up Future Nathan, so I did the future me a solid and got up. I walked over to my parents room to make sure that my dad got up. I don’t think he sleeps well at all. He wakes up so fast, even when he’s only had about 3 hours of sleep.

I didn’t wake Wendy up. Instead, I just got dressed, went into the kitchen and make myself breakfast. I wasn’t going to eat it right away, so I just bagged it. Soon, Dad and I were on our way. We parked the Highlander at 100 South and 400 East, only a couple of blocks away from the busses. I sort of hurried us along, worried that I might not make the cutoff for the 2016 automatic entry.

Alas, we had plenty of time. We boarded the bus and sat in our cramped seats. Dad, traditional as he is, asked me, “Now, why are we doing this, again?” Every year, he asks this. Every. Single. Year. For some reason, though, it always makes me smile.


The Girls have their first cross country meet (2k distance)

I have to admit- this race took me by surprise. I knew the girls had a race, but I’d sort of forgotten that it was yesterday, until the day before. So we got rushed for time.

I tried to feed Jackson and a 1/2 bowl of cereal to the girls (next time we’re doing bagels), but it was a real mess. Wendy had gone to the store to get a few things, so I was rushing around, trying to get the kids ready.

We headed over to the Kiwanis Park field and I registered the girls. Then I had a pep talk with them (and Sophie and Natalia Puertes). I told them to not go out too fast, to run like crazy when they hear my shout “GO!” and to have fun. But it took me about 5 minutes of talking to convey this. I was nervous.

They started the older kids (and a few adults that I saw) in the first wave. After that race was complete, it was the kid’s turn. The gun went off for the second time (sending Jackson into hysterics for a second time) and it was on.

Roxie and Reagan played their cards well. They stayed in the middle of the pack, had great arm swing (Lucy also has great arm swing) and frankly looked like little runners. I had a vision of them in college running and looking very similar to what I saw at this race. These races will probably be a highlight of my parenting career.

At some point, Roxie was in front of Reagan, but I guess a boy was on the ground, hurting (Roxie says his “bottom hurt”- ok), so Roxie stopped to assist. What can I say? This is Roxie’s nature (and, frankly, mine too). I can’t tell her to not help someone. Good for her.

But it hurt her race. Reagan took the lead on Roxie and finished before all three girls. I was proud of Reagan, though, because she has a tendency to stop running when she’s uncomfortable. But not yesterday. She was solid and seemed to give it everything she had.

Lucy. *sigh* Lucy Lucy Lucy. Lucy walked quite a bit and it wasn’t until Roxie and Reagan’s race ended, that I was able to track her down to encourage her. I ran with her and shouted encouragement. She seemed to be happy to see me and run with me. When she did run, though, she looked like a natural. I’m not sure how, but I need to teach Lucy to run through some discomfort.

I am that parent, I guess.

When it was over, I interviewed the girls on camera. I want them to be able to see themselves in their first cross country meet. If they stick with running and learn to love it as I do, our family will always have something to talk about.



It’s like pulling teeth

I have never been comfortable with the pulling of teeth.  I rarely let my dad pull my teeth, even if they were dangling by a thread.  It was really disconcerting to me.

So along comes Roxie and Reagan in the last two weeks, asking me to pull their teeth, which are dangling by a thread.  I balked both times.  I don’t want to pull my children’s teeth.  What if I accidentally pull them too early?  Or slip?

But I’ve been taking a small piece of paper towel (the quality, Costco kind) and pulling those suckers out.  When I pulled Reagan’s, she complained that I “didn’t get it”, even as I stood in front of her, displaying her tooth in between my thumb and index finger.  That was sort of funny.

Wendy and I have also had a hard time remembering to remind the tooth fairy to pick up the notes and teeth under the girls’ pillows, as well as to deposit a buck for each tooth.

Roxie's talk on "I know that Jesus Christ Will Come Again"

Jesus Christ was born and lived on earth.  He performed miracles and loved everyone.

Jesus was crucified.  His friends and followers missed him very much.

But Jesus returned three days later and showed that he lived again.  His friends and those who loved him were so happy that he was alive.

Jesus rose up to Heaven and now helps us, even though we can’t see him.  He sent his Spirit to help us the way that he helped people while He was on the earth.

Jesus will return.  When he does, he will minister to His people again.

I can’t wait until Jesus returns and we can be blessed with his presence, again.

I love Jesus and say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.