One of the most difficult 10K's I've done…

I left Provo at about 8:30 AM, in the middle of a little snowfall.  The roads were slick and icy.  I passed, in total, about 5 cars that had slid off the road.  So the drive up was a little sketchy.  This time, I found the Saltair Pavilion on my first try (unlike two weeks ago).

I had a good 15 minutes to get ready this time (in contrast to my last minute crossing the start line, two weeks ago), so I stretched and got my gear.  I wore my leggings, shorts, two shirts, my snowboarding hat, and the gloves my lovely sister bought me (Thanks, Linds).

I made my way up to the starting line with 5 minutes left before the start.  I tried jumping up and down, a little, to keep warm.  When we started, I set my playlist to shuffle (I keep meaning to switch the order of those songs- too much Cowboy Mouth all bunched up).  The first 3 miles was relatively easy and went without incident.

I just wanted to start a fourth paragraph with “I”, thereby setting a Conceited Nate record (4 I’s in a row).

When I hit the turnaround, it struck me that the sign that indicated our halfway point was pretty nice and professional.  It made me wonder if there is a company that creates halfway signs in bulk, that these races order from.  Probably not.

The first thing that I noticed about turning around, was that we must have had the wind with us that whole time, because now the snow was flying into my eyes and down my neck (freezing).  The headwind was strong and made me feel like I wasn’t going to be able to keep up my pace (and I didn’t).  I slowed by about 30 seconds per mile (now I was at a stready 9 minute pace).

At mile 4(ish), I started to walk.  A guy (in about his 40’s) motioned for me to jump in, behind him and start running.  I did (I give into peer running pressure, easily).  It really did feel easier, having someone to break that headwind.  The three of us took turns until about mile 5, when we lost the 3rd man.  The man in his 40’s and I kept rotating our lead to give each other a rest from the wind.  I’ve seen this in cycling, but have never done it, running (I also don’t run in incliment weather, too often, either).  Once we hit mile 6, I suggested that we run together (both of us, side by side) to the finish.  In theory, this would have worked, except that he must have had more energy than I’d estimated.

Man in his 40’s got faster and faster, forcing me to match his pace.  At the end, I realized that this guy wanted to pass me.  We Nelson’s have a code of conduct that is to be adhered to at the end of a race.  No one is allowed to pass a Nelson at the end of a race (this rule gets complicated when there are two Nelsons in a dead heat).  I managed to get in front and cross the finish line, first.

We thanked each other for helping with the headwind, shook hands and that was the end of it.  He was a good guy and it certainly made the race easier, having someone to endure the difficulty of a race in this kind of weather.

As far as my body goes, things went relatively well.  My asthma was constantly there, so that was hard.  But my IT Band was a little tight (no pain) and my shin had no pain, until I got in my truck.

Only two more weeks until the Winter Series 15K.  Then a week after that, we have the Bidwell Classic in Chico.  I feel like I’m piling on more milage than I want to, too quickly.  We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Oh, I forgot to mention!  In regard to last night’s post, wherein I shared my angst aboout how I felt, health-wise.  I don’t feel sick, today.  Maybe I’ve been wussing out on running, when I really should be getting out there, even if I don’t feel top notch.

…to be continued (not this story; just my running)

Video before the race, here.

I love my sister (and the new running gloves she sent me)

My sister, Lindsay, sent me a pair of running gloves for my birthday.  They are VERY comfortable and I’m sort of excited to try them out.  The unfortunate thing about trying running gloves, is that, usually, when you do, it means it’s FREEZING cold outside!  And it is.  Cold.  Outside.My Saucony Gloves

So since I have a 5K tomorrow, I might just have to try them out.  Unfortunately (and this is a new subject), my shin is still bothering me, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen (or even if I’ll show up to run) in Salt Lake, tomorrow.

But either way, I’m happy to have these gloves.  Thanks, Linds.  Love ya.